USB-1608 Temperature DAQ Module

Toprie USB-1608 Multi-channel Temperature Data Acquisition Module can connect a variety of temperature probe sensors. Used in conjunction with computer host computer software, it can realize the functions of display, recording, monitoring, curve display, list generation and other functions of different on-site temperatures.

The USB-1608 module is mainly used in electronic testing, biopharmaceuticals, food processing, heat treatment and other fields. It adopts industrial-grade RS485 and USB-TYPE-C interface, compact and portable, easy to install and use.

Key Features

Support acquisition of multiple thermocouple and thermal resistance

8 channels per unit, support extended to 256 channels

1s or optional 0.1s high-speed sampling

High precision input measurement

Perfect isolation protection, safer data acquisition

Small and portable, safe and reliable, easy to install

Using ARM microprocessor, can realize multi-channel signal acquisition, recording, display and alarm at the same time

Input Signals

Thermocouple: K, R, B, N, E, T, J, S, WRE5-26, WRE3-25

Thermal resistance: pt1000, pt100, cu50

Number of Channels

8 – 256


1S or optional 0.1S

Isolation Voltage

•  Between power supply: 3000V DC

•  Between channels: 400V/AC/DC

Fault and Overvoltage Protection

Maximum withstand voltage ±15V

Input Resistance

> 2M (voltage type signal),  < 50Ω (current type signal)

Temperature Drift

± 25PPM/°C

Year Drift

± 100PPM/Y

Electrostatic Protection


Communication Parameter

Baud rate 9600bps/115200bps, data bit 8, check bit N (none), stop bit 1

Power Supply

DC +8V to +28VDC (terminals), +5V (USB)

Power Protection

Power reverse protection, wrong connection protection

Power Consumption


Operation Environment

-30°C to +80°C,  0 – 100% RH (non-condensing)


117.6 × 76.5 × 25.7 mm

Protection Level

IP40 & Fire-proof level UL94

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
USB-1608 Temperature DAQ Module 8 channels per unit (maximum 32 modules can be assembled)
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