TP9000 Temperature Data Acquisition

Toprie TP9000 Portable Temperature Data Acquisition integrates the data acquisition, display, built-in data storage, and network connectivity. The single device has 8 to 64 channels, even up to 200 channels of simultaneous acquisition. TP9000 is special for the acquisition of temperature signals. It also can be remotely transmitted wirelessly to computers & mobile phone monitoring.

The TP9000 is an eight-slot mainframe with seven plug-in module options to facilitate future channel expansion and function enhancement. The portable design is suitable for industrial and laboratory applications.

Key Features

Support acquisition of multiple thermocouple and thermal resistance

Up to 200 channels of simultaneous acquisition

1s or optional 0.1s high-speed sampling

70MB or optional 2GB internal storage

8-slot mainframes, optional 7 functional plug-in modules

7 inch color touch screen, multiple data display interface

One-click connect to the IOT platform to realize remote monitoring of PC and Phone

RS232, RS485, Ethernet communication interface and USB for easy connectivity to your PC

Input Signals

Thermocouple: K, R, B, N, E, T, J, S, WRE5-26, WRE3-25

Thermal resistance: pt1000, pt100, cu50

Number of Channels

1 – 200

Power Consumption

≤ 25 VA

Storage Interval

Self-setting from 1s to 19999s

Internal Memory

70MB, or optional 2GB

Acquisition Mode



Upper & Uppermost & Lower & Lowermost limit, 4 alarms per channel


8-channel NO&NC relay 250V 5A

Power Supply

AC 85V-265V, DC 12V-25V

Distribution Output

1-channel 24VDC (optional multi-channel 24V or 5VDC output)


Standard Ethernet, RS485, RS232 (optional USB/4G/WIFI wirelss), Standard Modbus TCP/RTU protocol


Operating: -20°C to +50°C, Storage: 0°C to +50°C


Operating: 0 – 90% RH, Storage: 0 – 85% RH (non-condensing)


288 × 288 × 200 mm

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
TP9000 Temperature Data Acquisition 7 inch touch screen, 70MB internal storage, 8-slot mainframes

Optional Modules

P/N Item Description
TP1708P Universal Signal Input Module Temperature K, T, J, E, S, B, R, N, WRe3, WRe5 thermocouple, PT1000, PT100, CU50 platinum resistance
TP1708Q 0.1S Fast Acquisition Module Temperature K, T, J, E, S, B, R, N, WRe3, WRe5 thermocouple (8 channel can only be used at the same time of the same type)
TP1708J Relay Alarm Output Module Adopt 8 NONC relay contact output. Each contact can be matched with any channel, the maximum current is 5A.
TP1701 Lithium Battery Module Adopt 12V/4000mAh high-capacity polymer lithium battery pack. One battery module can be used for 8 channel DAQ to work continuously for 10 hours. Multiple battery modules can be used in one DAQ.
TP1702V4 4G Wireless Terminal DTU Module Support 4G wireless data upload cloud platform
TP1702V3 WiFi Wireless Terminal DTU Module Support WiFi wireless data upload cloud platform
TP1708NTC NTC Temperature Sensor Acquisition Module Can be connected to 8 or 16 NTC temperature sensors.
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