T3 Wireless Data Acquisition

Toprie T3 Wireless Data Acquisition is a unique signal acquisition & display machine without using lines. It integrates the data acquisition, display, built-in data storage, and network connectivity. The device can measure multiple electrical or physical parameters. It also can be easily remotely transmitted wirelessly to PC & mobile phone monitoring.

The T3 wireless DAQ can be extended up to 256 channels with USB-1608 modules. The portable and wireless design is suitable for industrial and laboratory applications.

It is suitable for various applications such as agriculture, chemical, recreational vehicles, mining, electricity, automotive, construction, and military.

Key Features

Unique remote wireless signal acquisition & display

Support multiple signal input and fully isolated universal input

Support extended to 256 channels

1 second high-speed sampling

7 inch color touch screen, 70MB internal storage

One-click connect to the IOT platform to realize remote monitoring of PC and Phone

RS232, RS485, Ethernet communication interface and USB for easy connectivity to your PC

  • Access Application System

    •   Support Multiple Signal Input —— Voltage, Current, Power, Pressure, Frequency, Temperature, Humidity, Flow, Liquid level, Vibration, Rotating speed, etc.


    •   Wireless Penetration = 3 standard industrial plants.


    •   Free IoT Platform & Monitoring —— via WiFi / 4G / GPRS / Ethernet / NBIOT —— one-click connects to the IoT platform to realize remote monitoring of PC and mobile phone. Integrated RS232, RS485, Ethernet communication interface, and USB for easy connectivity to your PC.

  • Multiple HD Data Display Interface

    7 inch color touch screen, 70MB internal storage

    •   Numerical

    •   Bar graph

    •   Curve

    •   History

    •   Alarm record

    •   Comprehensive


    The T3 wireless data acquisition can be extended up to 256 channels with USB-1608 modules.

  • Application in Subways, Shopping Malls and other Public Environments

    Temperature and humidity loggers are installed in public areas such as halls and platform areas in subway stations to monitor the temperature and humidity of the station in real-time. At the same time, the equipment regularly uploads the data to the management background.


    Operators can adjust the temperature and switch of each air-conditioning system in the station in time-based on the measured data to ensure the comfort of the public area of the station.

  • Application in Measuring the Performance of Graphene Heating Plates

    USB-1608 wireless module: one in each room. It is used to collect the data of the thermocouple temperature and the black bulb temperature sensor in each room and send the collected data wirelessly to the wireless collector.


    T3 Wireless data recorder: installed in the second or third room, used to receive data from 4 wireless acquisition cards and can display and record the data. In addition, it also supports a 4G wireless transmission function, which can be transmitted to the Internet of Things platform, and remotely using a mobile phone or computer to view real-time/historical data.

  • Application in Temperature Monitoring of Power Distribution Cabinet

    This case also uses a USB-1608 module and T3 wireless data acquisition.


    First, the temperature sensor collects data and sends the data to the T3 wireless receiving end through the ZIGBEE wireless method. After then the receiving end transmits it to the central server through the network.


    Then through the IoT monitoring system for data analysis, display, storage, alarm, historical query, and other functions. The system can automatically perform functions such as equipment statistics, equipment transfer, SMS alarm, and maximum temperature calculation.

Input Signals

Thermocouple: K, R, B, N, E, T, J, S, WRE5-26, WRE3-25

Thermal resistance: pt1000, pt100, cu50

Current (DC): 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10mA

Voltage (DC): 0-5V, 0-10V, 1-5V

Number of Channels

1 – 256 (need to use with USB-1608 modules)


≤ ±0.2%F.S

Power Consumption

≤ 25 VA

Storage Interval

Self-setting from 1s to 19999s

Internal Memory


Acquisition Mode



High & low limit, 4 alarms per channel


8-channel NO relay 250VAC/3A (optional)

Power Supply

24VDC ±10%

Distribution Output

1-channel 24VDC (optional multi-channel 24V or 5VDC output)


Standard RS232C (optional Ethernet, RS485, USB)

Standard Modbus RTU protocol


Operating: -10°C to +50°C, Storage: -20°C to +70°C


Operating: 0 – 80% RH, Storage: 0 – 95% RH (non-condensing)


215.6 × 129.4 × 34.5 mm

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
T3 Wireless Data Acquisition 7 inch touch screen, 70MB internal storage (need to use with USB-1608 module)
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