S4042 Series Signal/Spectrum Analyzer

S4042 series spectrum analyzer is a basic spectrum analyzer newly launched by Saluki, with a frequency measurement range covering 9kHz~20GHz. The S4042 series spectrum analyzer adopts a portable structure, weighing less than 6.5kg, and has multiple advantages such as wide operating frequency band, high performance indicators, fast scanning speed, multiple testing functions, and portability and easy operation.

S4042 series spectrum analyzer has various measurement function modes such as real-time spectrum analysis, interference analysis, channel scanning, field strength measurement, USB continuous wave and peak power measurement, analog demodulation analysis, IQ analysis, as well as intelligent measurement functions such as channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent channel power, spectrum emission template, carrier to noise ratio, harmonic distortion, stray emission template, etc. It supports digital interfaces such as LAN, USB, HDMI, etc.

The 12.1-inch multi touch capacitive touch screen adopted by S4042 provides a better interactive experience, and the product can be applied to the research and testing process of industrial electronic products, as well as various fields such as communication testing, satellite communication, microwave communication, scientific research and teaching.

Key Features

Frequency range coverage: 9 kHz to 20 GHz, standard with full band preamplifier

Low displayed average noise level up to -163dBm @ 1Hz RBW (typical)

Fast scanning speed

Multiple measurement function modes

Various intelligent measurement functions

A wide range of auxiliary test interfaces and digital interfaces

User-friendly operation experience

Excellent field usability

A wide range of optional field test accessories can be configured

Frequency Range

S4042B: 9kHz ~ 9GHz

S4042D: 9kHz ~ 20GHz

Frequency Reference

•   Nominal frequency: 10MHz

•   Aging rate: ± 5×10-7 / year

•   Temperature stability: ± 1×10-7 (-20℃~+55℃,Comparative to 25℃±10℃)

Sweep Time

Range: 1μs – 6000s (zero Span)

Accuracy: ± 1.00% (zero span)

Frequency Readout Accuracy

± (frequency readout × frequency reference error + 1% × span + 10% × resolution bandwidth)


1Hz – 20MHz (1, 2 ,3 ,5, 8, steps)


1Hz – 20MHz (1, 2 ,3 ,5, 8, steps)

SSB Phase Noise (Carrier 1GHz, 15℃-35℃)

•    ≤-108 dBc/Hz @ 10kHz offset

•    ≤-110 dBc/Hz @ 100kHz offset

•    ≤-118 dBc/Hz @ 1MHz offset

•    ≤-129 dBc/Hz @ 10MHz offset

Displayed Average Noise Level (Preamplifier Off)

Pre-amplifier ON:

•    ≤-161dBm(2MHz~2.4GHz)

•    ≤-160dBm(2.4GHz~6GHz)

•    ≤-159dBm(6GHz~9GHz)

•    ≤-158dBm(9GHz~14GHz)

•    ≤-156dBm(14GHz~20GHz)

Pre-amplifier OFF:

•    ≤-142dBm(2MHz~2.4GHz)

•    ≤-141dBm(2.4GHz~6GHz)

•    ≤-140dBm(6GHz~9GHz)

•    ≤-138dBm(9GHz~14GHz)

•    ≤-138dBm(14GHz~20GHz)

Second Harmonic Distortion

<-70dBc (50MHz ~ 10GHz)

Absolute Amplitude Accuracy

±1.30 dB (operating temperature: +15℃~+35℃)

Input Attenuator

Attenuation range: 0~30dB, 2dB steps

Reference Level

•    Range: -150dBm~+30dBm, minimum 1dB steps

•    Conversion Uncertainty: ±0.50dB (Reference level: 0dBm~-60dBm)


377mm(W)×250mm(H)×119.5mm(D) (Without side strap and
interface plug, the back bracket is closed)




(Note: see more detail information in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Datasheet’)

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
S4042B Signal/Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz to 9 GHz
S4042D Signal/Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz to 20 GHz


Module No. Item Description
S4042-002 User Manual (Chinese) User Manual Chinese Version
S4042-004 Programming Manual (Chinese) Programming Manual Chinese Version
S4042-S01 USB CW Power Meter Option CW Power measurement function available with external USB continuous wave power sensor 87230/87231 /87232/87233
S4042-S02 USB Peak Power Meter Option Peak power measurement is available and requires the 87234D/E/F/L USB peak/average power sensor to be used
S4042-S03 Interference Analyzer Option Provides waterfall diagram, RSSI measurements and more
S4042-S04 Channel Scanner Option To Realize Signal Power Measurement of Multiple Channels and Frequency
S4042-S05 Field Strength Option For measuring the radiation intensity of the electric field of the device under test
S4042-S08 Analog Demodulation Realize AM, FM and PM modulation signal analysis and measurement function.
S4042-S09 Zero Span IF Output Output IF signal at zero span
S4042-S10 Time Gated Used for time division interference signal testing
S4042-S12 40MHz Real-time Spectrum Analysis Provide 40 MHz real-time spectrum analysis function
S4042-S13 List Sweep Realize continuous sweep of multiple frequency bands
S4042-S14 IQ Analyzer Storage and display of IQ data
S4042-H03 4042 Safety Box Pull-rod transport box
S4042-H36 PBS1 Near-field Probe Maximum frequency: 9 GHz, with 1 electric field probe and 1 each of 6mm, 12mm, 25mm and 50mm magnetic field probes, Interface: SMB(m)
87230 87230 USB CW Power Sensor Frequency range: 9kHz~6GHz, Interface: N(m)
87231 87231 USB CW Power Sensor Frequency range: 10MHz~18GHz, Interface: N(m)
87232 87232 USB CW Power Sensor Frequency range: 50MHz~26.5GHz, Interface: 3.5mm(m).
87233 87233 USB CW Power Sensor Frequency range: 50MHz~40GHz, Interface: 2.4mm(m)
87234D 87234D USB Peak/ CW Power Sensor Frequency range: 50MHz~18GHz, Interface: N(m).
87234E 87234E USB Peak/ CW Power Sensor Frequency range: 50MHz~26.5GHz, Interface: 3.5mm(m).
87234F 87234F USB Peak/ CW Power Sensor Frequency range: 50MHz~40GHz, Interface: 2.4mm(m).
87234L 87234L USB Peak/ CW Power Sensor Frequency range: 500MHz~67GHz, Interface: 1.85mm(m)
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