S3532 Series Spectrum Analyzer

Saluki S3532 series spectrum analyzer reaches max. 7.5GHz with excellent performance. Pre-amplifier, AM/FM demodulation, Interference analysis, limit line, OBW, ACPR etc, all these useful functions are provided as standard. S3532 series spectrum analyzer is equipped with an optional tracking source. Meanwhile user can also choose  a build-in CW source which can extend the ability of S3532 spectrum analyzer.

Key Features

Frequency range from 9kHz to 3.6GHz/ 7.5GHz

DANL <-150dBm, <-161dBm (typ.)

Audio analysis

SCPI supported

Max. 3GHz tracking source and CW source

Standard preamplifier/ waterfall function/ limit line function

  • Benchtop Spectrum Analyzer, 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz

    S3532 is an economic spectrum analyzer for 7.5 GHz span. It has good specification and multiple functions within a good looking small box.


    S3532 series has 2 modules to choose.

    •  9 kHz to 3.6 GHz

    •  9 kHz to 7.5 GHz


    S3532 series can be used in different measurement scenes:

    •  Spectrum analysis transmitter test

    •  Mobile applications, RF/ Microwave communication

    •  RF/ Electronic product R&D, manufacture, test and maintenance

    •  Education

  • Small and Portable, Flexible Communication Ports

    S3532 series spectrum analyzer is equipped 8.4-inch high brightness LCD screen. It is one mini size module for benchtop instrument.


    S3532 series support remote control via USB port or LAN port. User can program their own management software with SCPI command provided in programming manual. Or use the PC software to do the remote control.


    S3532 series has standard built-in tracking source 3.2 GHz or 3.6 GHz for different module. And it also provides a variety of optional accessories, including directional antenna, omnidirectional antenna, near field probe kit, SWR bridge, USB power sensor etc.
  • Great Technical Specifications

    •  Frequency range: cover from 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz


    •  Typical displayed average noise level: (full span) < -148dBm for S3532A, < -138dBm for S3532B


    •  Good phase noise performance:  (500MHz carrier)

    <-100dBc/Hz@100kHz frequency offset (S3532A), and <-90dBc/Hz@100kHz frequency offset (S3532B)


    •  Absolute amplitude accuracy: < ±1.5dB


    •  Resolution bandwidth: 1 Hz – 3 MHz

  • A Variety of Measurement Function Modes

    S3532 series provides a variety of function modes to fit your need.


    •  Standard Pre-amplifier

    No need for extra cost to solve weak signal capture problem.


    •  Standard Advance Measurement

    Including ACPR, OBW, Channel Power, NdB measurement etc.


    •  Standard AM/FM, Audio Analysis

    No more payment for AM/FM demodulation function. Audio analysis function will also be provided freely.


    •  Tracking Source and CW Source

    Tracking source frequency range from 100kHz to 3.6GHz/ 3.2GHz for different modules. With CW source, user can make more complicated measurements.

  • Three Years Warranty, Local Service

    3 Years Warranty
    Saluki S3532 series enjoys a 3 years warranty. Customers can get repaired and maintained at our service centers around world.


    Local Distributors, Local Service

    Saluki has distributors and partners all around world. All our partner will provide you local service.


    Support Team at Your Service

    Saluki Support team is always ready to help. Contact us any time and all your problems will be replied within 24h.


    Pay Less and Get More

    Saluki provide you good spectrum analyzers with a affordable price. Pre-amplifier, advance measurement functions are provided as standard, pay less and get more.

Frequency Range

S3532A: 9 kHz to 3.6 GHz,
S3532B: 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz

Tuning Resolution

1 Hz

RBW Range

1 Hz – 500 kHz, 1 MHz, 3 MHz

VBW Range

10 Hz – 3 MHz

Displayed Average Noise Level (Preamplifier On)

• 100kHz – 1MHz: <-120dBm-3×(f/100kHz) dB
• 1MHz – 10MHz: <-150dBm
• 10MHz – 1GHz: <-155dBm
• 1GHz – 3.6GHz: <-148dBm
• 100kHz – 1MHz: <-110dBm-3×(f/100kHz) dB
• 1MHz – 10MHz: <-140dBm
• 10MHz – 2GHz: <-148dBm
• 2GHz – 3.4GHz: <-143dBm

• 3.4GHz – 5GHz: <-145dBm

• 5GHz – 7.5GHz: <-138dBm
(0dB attenuation, RBW=1 Hz)

Displayed Average Noise Level (Preamplifier Off)

• 100kHz – 1MHz: <-100dBm-3×(f/100kHz) dB
• 1MHz – 10MHz: <-130dBm
• 10MHz – 1GHz: <-135dBm
• 1GHz – 3.6GHz: <-130dBm
• 100kHz – 1MHz: <-95dBm-3×(f/100kHz) dB
• 1MHz – 10MHz: <-125dBm
• 10MHz – 2GHz: <-133dBm
• 2GHz – 3.4GHz: <-130dBm

• 3.4GHz – 5GHz: <-133dBm

• 5GHz – 7.5GHz: <-127dBm
(0dB attenuation, RBW=1 Hz)

SSB Phase Noise


•  ≤-90 dBc / Hz @ 30kHz offset

•  ≤-100 dBc / Hz @ 100kHz offset

•  ≤-110 dBc / Hz @ 1MHz offset


•  ≤-80 dBc / Hz @ 30kHz offset

•  ≤-90 dBc / Hz @ 100kHz offset

•  ≤-110 dBc / Hz @ 1MHz offset

Max. Safe Input Level (CW input)

S3532A:+27 dBm

S3532B:+23 dBm

Input Attenuator Range

S3532A:0 – 39 dB, steps of 3 dB

S3532B:0 – 30 dB, steps of 1 dB

TOI (>30MHz)

S3532A:+10 dBm

S3532B:+13 dBm

SHI (>10MHz)

S3532A:+30 dBm

S3532B:+40 dBm

Input Related Spurious (>10MHz)


Inherent Residual Response (>10MHz)


Test Port

Type-N female (50Ω)

Communication Port

USB 2.0, LAN

Reference Input/ Output

10MHz: Input level 0dBm to +10dBm,

BNC female: Output level 0dBm±2dB

Trigger Input Port

BNC female


8.4 inch TFT LCD


390 (H) × 182 (W) × 230 (D)mm



Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
S3532A Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz to 3.6 GHz
S3532B Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz


Module No. Item Description
S3532-01 Field Strength Measurement /
S3532-02 Near Field Probe Kit /
S3532-03 Frequency Identity Module /
S3532-04 Directional Antenna Frequency range: 600MHz - 8GHz
S3532-05 Omnidirectioanl Antenna Frequency range: 300MHz - 7.5GHz
S3532-06 SWR Bridge Frequency range: 10MHz - 3.6GHz
S3532-07 USB Power Sensor Frequency range: 10MHz - 6GHz
S3532-08 RF Demonstration Kit /

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