EMC Test Solution for Electrical Lighting Products
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Saluki’s SER series EMI test receiver can used to to assemble the test system of electrical lighting or similar products.


Fig.1  Main EMC test standards for lighting products


Scope of Applications:
•   All lighting equipment used for lighting that has the basic function of generating and/or distributing light and intended to be connected to a low-voltage power supply or operated with batteries

•   One of the main functions is the lighting part of the lighting multifunctional equipment

•   Independent auxiliary equipment dedicated to lighting equipment

•   Ultraviolet and infrared radiation equipment

•   Neon advertising signs

•   Road or floodlights intended to be used outdoors

•   Transportation lighting (installed on cars and trains)


Fig.2  EMC test


Lighting Equipment Working Conditions

•   Ambient temperature: 15 to 25℃

•   Working voltage: within ±2% of the rated voltage

•   Light source aging: 2 hours for incandescent lamp, 100 hours for fluorescent lamp and other lamps

•   Stabilization time: 5 minuts for incandescent lamp, 15 minuts for fluorescent lamp, 30 minuts for others


Fig.3  EMC test equipments


Conducted Disturbance Test

Test Site:  Electromagnetic shielding room

Test Equipments: EMI test receiver + LISN + Limiter

Fig.4  Conducted disturbance test


Radiated Disturbance Test (3D loop antenna)

Test Site:  Electromagnetic shielding room

Test Equipments: EMI test receiver + 3D loop antenna

Frequency Range: 9 kHz to 30 MHz

Fig.5  Radiated disturbance test


Radiated Disturbance Test (CDN method)

Test Site:  Electromagnetic shielding room

Test Equipments: EMI test receiver + CDN

Frequency Range: 30 MHz to 300 MHz

Fig.6  Radiated disturbance test (CDN)


EMC Analysis Software

Fig.7 EMC analysis software (for Windows 7/8/10)


•   Built-in lighting standard
•   Conducted test
•   CDN test
•   Correction factor
•   Manual/automatic
•   Real-time frequency standard
•   Test data editing
•   Excessive data browsing
•   Word/PDF format test report

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