SER Series EMI Test Receiver

Saluki SER series EMI receivers, integrated CISPR-AVG, CISPR-RMS, QPK detectors, and electromagnetic interference measurement. According to CISPR, EN, FCC and MIL standards, which is suitable for EMI testing in home appliances, lighting, automotive electronics, medical, and other industries. Combined with ETR PC measurement software and a wealth of test options, accurate automated testing is possible. The whole system is equipped with a spectrum analysis module and a tracking signal generator to meet the testing needs of users in different fields.

Key Features

Frequency Range: 1kHz - 300MHz/ 2GHz/ 3.6GHz

Including CISPR-AVG, CISPR-RMS, and QPK detector

Resolution Bandwidth: 1Hz to 3MHz (-3dB), 200Hz/9kHz/120kHz/1MHz (-6dB)

All digital detectors are reliable and stable

Dual RF input protection for measurement safety

Rich testing options for different applications

Support ETR measurement analysis software

  • Multiple Measurement Functions and Applications

    •   Diagnosis and Analysis of EMI Problems in Product Development Stage

    •   EMI testing in lighting, home appliances, automotive electronics, medical, and other industries

    •   EMI conducted disturbance test

    •   EMI radiation disturbance test

    •   Product pre-certification test

    •   EMC automated testing

    •   General spectrum measurement and analysis


    EMI test receivers are the indispensable core component of every EMC test strategy.

  • EMC Test Solution for Electrical Lighting Products

    •   All lighting equipment used for lighting

    •   One of the main functions is the lighting part of the lighting multifunctional equipment

    •   Independent auxiliary equipment dedicated to lighting equipment

    •   Ultraviolet and infrared radiation equipment

    •   Neon advertising signs

    •   Road or floodlights intended to be used outdoors

    •   Transportation lighting (installed on cars and trains)


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  • EMC Test Solution for Home Appliances Products

    •   Suitable for radio frequency conduction and radiation disturbances generated by appliances whose main functions are realized by motors, switches or regulating devices

    •   Household appliances, power tools, mediation controllers using semiconductor devices, electrotherapy equipment driven by electric motors, electric/electronic toys, vending machines, and movie or slide projectors

    •   The individual components of the above mentioned equipment, such as motors, switching devices such as (power supply or protection) relays


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1. SA Mode
Frequency Range

•   SER300: 1kHz – 300MHz

•   SER2000: 1kHz – 2GHz

•   SER3600: 1kHz – 3.6GHz

Reading Accuracy

±(Frequency standard reading × Frequency reference accuracy+1%×Sweep width+10%×RBW+0.5× [Sweep width/ n(scan spot-1)] +1Hz)

Single Sideband Phase Noise

•   -90dBc/Hz @ frequency offset 30kHz

•   -1100dBc/Hz @ frequency offset 1MHz

Maximum Input Level

+36dBm average continuous power,  Maximum 50Vdc DC input voltage

DANL (pre-amplifier off)

Frequency Conversion Channel:

•  100kHz – 1MHz: ≤-100dBm-30*(f/100kHz)dB

•  1MHz – 10MHz: ≤-130dBm

•  10MHz – 1GHz: ≤-135dBm

•  1GHz – 3.6GHz: ≤-140dBm

DANL (pre-amplifier on)

Frequency Conversion Channel:

•  100kHz – 1MHz: ≤-120dBm-30*(f/100kHz)dB

•  1MHz – 10MHz: ≤-150dBm

•  10MHz – 1GHz: ≤-155dBm

•  1GHz – 3.6GHz: ≤-148dBm

Low Frequency Channel:

•  5kHz – 10kHz: ≤-110dBm

•  10kHz – 10MHz: ≤-125dBm

Attenuator Range

0 – 39dB, 3dB stepping

Residual Response

≤ -96dBm


Automatic, normal, positive peak, negative peak, sampling

2. EMI Mode
Frequency Range

•   SER300: 1kHz – 300MHz

•   SER2000: 1kHz – 2GHz

•   SER3600: 1kHz – 3.6GHz

Reading Accuracy

± (Frequency reading × frequency reference accuracy + half of the last display unit

Resolution Bandwidth

200Hz/9kHz/120kHz/1MHz (-6dB)


Positive peak, negative peak, Quasi-peak, average, RMS

Scan Time

100us – 100s

Number of Traces

3 (parallel detection)

Frequency Response


3. Tracking Source
Frequency Range

10kHz – 1.5GHz

Output Power

-30dBm to 0dBm

Output Flatness



8.4 inch true color TFT-LCD

Communication Port



280 (W) × 400 (L) × 190 (H) mm



(Note: see more detail information in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Datasheet’)

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
SER300 EMI Test Receiver 1kHz to 300MHz
SER2000 EMI Test Receiver 1kHz to 2GHz
SER3600 EMI Test Receiver 1kHz to 3.6GHz


Module No. Item Description
SER-3 Line impedance stabilization network (LISN) LISN016
SER-4 Coupled decoupling network (CDN) CDNE016
SER-5 Pulse limiter PLA030
SER-6 RF switch RFS003
SER-7 EMC testing software EMC.ETR
SER-9 Current Injection Probe PRB030
SER-10 ɸ30 Clamp RF Probe PRB330
SER-11 Probe Calibration Fixture CLA001
SER-12 Near Field Probe ANT01
SER-13 USB Power Meter UP60

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