3943B Handheld Monitoring Receiver

3943B Handheld Monitoring Receiver has multiple functions such as radio signal search, interception, measurement, analysis, demodulation, direction finding, positioning, etc.. It can be used to perform emission monitoring, coverage measurement, illegal emission source/interference source rapid detection and positioning, and major activities that comply with ITU specifications Radio security and other tasks.

The whole machine adopts a 10.1-inch full touch screen design, and the software supports multi-touch interactive mode. The touch operation experience of the smart phone is completely transplanted to the monitoring receiver device. The users can conveniently complete the display trajectory zoom in, zoom out, window movement, parameter setting and other operations through touch gestures, providing a user-friendly UI interface to the greatest extent

Key Features

Wide monitoring frequency range (9kHz to 8GHz) and direction finding frequency range (20MHz to 6GHz)

Provide a maximum 20MHz analysis bandwidth

Three parallel processing channels provide spectrum measurement, level field strength measurement and demodulation function

Multi-mode scanning with ITU compliance

Signal demodulation supporting multiple modulation patterns

Computer video leak detection and restoration

Manual radiation source direction finding by directional antenna

Automatic radiation source direction finding through multi-element directional antenna

Radiation source positioning function

High-precision Beidou/GPS time Synchronization function

Radio signal recording, audio and spectrum data playback function

  • Multi-channel Parallel Operation

    Three parallel processing channels provide spectrum measurement, level field strength measurement and demodulation function respectively, which is convenient for users to obtain multi-domain correlation analysis.

    •  Real-time spectrum bandwidth can be set from 1 kHz to 20MHz, with 35 steps from 0.625Hz to 2MHz resolution bandwidth.

    •  Field strength measurement channel has 34 IF filters, the IF bandwidth is from 100Hz to 20MHz.

    •  Demodulation channel receive level field strength measurement channel the complex baseband signal output of the IF filter can be directly used for FM/PM demodulation.

  • Multi-mode Scanning with ITU Recommendations

    •  Fixed Frequency Reception

    3943B Monitoring Receiver can realize spectrum measurement of fixed frequency points, display measurement information such as level, field strength and frequency offset, and combine signal demodulation function to measure and observe signals. The receiving bandwidth is selectable from 1 kHz to 20MHz.


    •  Panoramic Scan

    3943B supports panoramic scanning in the 9kHz to 8GHz frequency range with resolution bandwidths from 100Hz to 2MHz for fast signal scanning. Support differential mode for easy observation of signal changes and rapid detection of abnormal signals.

  • Multi-mode Scanning with ITU Recommendations

    •  Frequency Sweep

    3943B Monitoring Receiver can realize frequency scanning in the frequency range of 9 kHz to 8GHz. The stepping frequency can be arbitrarily input in the range of 1Hz to 100MHz, supporting forward scanning and reverse scanning.

    By setting the squelch level, you can control the dwell state of the frequency sweep to filter signals that are less than the squelch level.


    •  List Scan

    3943B can realize the scanning of the frequency of the storage table records one by one. The storage table can record up to 1000 scanning frequency points, supporting forward scanning and reverse scanning.

  • Manual Radiation Source Direction Finding by Directional Antenna

    •   9kHz-20MHz, 20MHz-200MHz,200MHz-500MHz, 500MHz-8GHz directional antenna full-band coverage


    •   Reflect 360-degree signal intensity distribution in compass mode, automatically indicating the maximum intensity direction


    •   Support digital map function for easy outdoor source search


    •   Directional, spectrum, digital map multi-window parallel display


    •   Intelligent control of antenna handle for user convenience

Frequency Range

9kHz to 8GHz

Maximum Linear Operating Input Level

•   9kHz to 30MHz: -13dBm

•   20MHz to 3.6GHz: +3dBm  (low distortion mode)

•   20MHz to 3.6GHz: -24dBm (low noise mode)

•   3.6GHz to 8GHz: -24dBm

RF Input Port VSWR

•   9kHz to 5.8GHz: <2.5

•   5.8GHz to 8GHz: <4.0

Displayed Average Noise Level

≤ -125dBm, 9kHz to 100kHz

≤ -151dBm, 100kHz to 1MHz

≤ -155dBm, 1MHz to 20MHz

≤ -154dBm, 20MHz to 80MHz (low noise mode)

≤ -160dBm, 80MHz to 1.5GHz (low noise mode)

≤ -155dBm, 1.5GHz to 3.6GHz (low noise mode)

≤ -128dBm, 20MHz to 3.6GHz (low distortion mode)

≤ -158dBm, 3.6GHz to 5.8GHz

≤ -154dBm, 5.8GHz to 7.5GHz

≤ -151dBm, 7.5GHz to 8GHz

Phase Noise

Carrier 21MHz,

•   <-115dBc/Hz, 10kHz frequency offset

•   <-117dBc/Hz, 100kHz frequency offset

Carrier 500MHz,

•   <-95dBc/Hz, 10kHz frequency offset

•   <-95dBc/Hz, 100kHz frequency offset

Carrier 3.4GHz,

•   <-92dBc/Hz, 10kHz frequency offset

•   <-92dBc/Hz, 100kHz frequency offset

AM Demodulation Sensitivity

≤ -105.5dBm, 9kHz to 30MHz

≤ -110dBm, 20MHz to 1.5GHz

≤ -106dBm, 1.5GHz to 3.6GHz

≤ -102dBm, 3.6GHz to 8GHz

FM Demodulation Sensitivity

≤ -103dBm, 9kHz to 30MHz

≤ -111dBm, 20MHz to 1.5GHz

≤ -107dBm, 1.5GHz to 3.6GHz

≤ -102dBm, 3.6GHz to 8GHz

Third-order Interception Point

> +18dBm, 9kHz to 30MHz

> -10dBm, 20MHz to 650MHz (low noise mode)

> -11.5dBm, 650MHz to 2.5GHz (low noise mode)

> -8dBm, 2.5GHz to 3.6GHz (low noise mode)

> +15dBm, 20MHz to 1.5GHz (low distortion mode)

> +15dBm, 1.5GHz to 3.6GHz (low distortion mode)

> -8dBm, 3.6GHz to 4.7GHz

> -6dBm, 4.7GHz to 8GHz

Intermediate Frequency Suppression

> 80dB, 20 MHz to 3.6 GHz (low noise mode)

> 65dB, 20 MHz to 3.6 GHz (low distortion mode)

> 90dB, 3.6 GHz to 8 GHz

Local Oscillator Re-radiation

< -89dBm

Panoramic Scan Rate

> 2GHz/s

Analysis Bandwidth


Demodulation Mode


Power Consumption

Less than 30W


(289±1.2) W × (182.5±1.2) H × (69±0.8) D mm (without hand strap)


< 3.5kg (with battery and hand strap)

(Note: see more detail information in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Datasheet’)

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
3943B Handheld Monitoring Receiver 9kHz to 8GHz


Module No. Item Description
3943B-001 Panoramic scan option Panoramic scan function for wide frequency range scanning for fast signal discovery
3943B-002 Horizontal scanning option Horizontal scanning function, combined with 014 option to measure the radiation source
3943B-003 Field strength measurement option The field strength of the measured signal is obtained by the preset antenna factor table in the device and displayed directly on the device.
3943B-004 Video restore option Image restoration of computer HDMI video leak signal
3943B-005 Signal recording and playback options The measurement data (spectrum, I/Q, audio) can be stored on the SD card or in the internal memory to play back the recorded spectrum and audio data (optional 008 option is required)
3943B-006 Map option Display the current test position on the map, and combine the 002 option or 016 option to locate the radiation source (optional 008 option is required)
3943B-007 GPS Beidou option External antenna (BNC), built-in GPS module and software
3943B-008 Micro SD card Class10, capacity 128G, with 005, 006 options
3943B-009 External attenuator 71512 10dB attenuation, maximum input power 2W
3943B-010 External attenuator 71512A 20dB attenuation, maximum input power 2W
3943B-011 External attenuator 71512B 30dB attenuation, maximum input power 2W
3943B-012 External attenuator 71512C 40dB attenuation, maximum input power 2W
3943B-013 External attenuator 71512D 40dB attenuation, maximum input power 25W
3943B-014 Handheld directional antenna Includes antenna handle (integrated GPS and electronic compass), four directional antenna modules (9kHz-30MHz, 20MHz-200MHz, 200MHz-500MHz, 500MHz-8GHz) and transport case.
3943B-016 Direction finding option Upgrade S5908 to a direction finding receiver
3943B-017 Direction finding antenna 1 Frequency range: 20MHz to 1.3GHz
3943B-018 Direction finding antenna 2 Frequency range: 700MHz to 6GHz
3943B-020 Metal shell construction product Can be changed into a structure suitable for system rack installation; This option can not be used at the same time because it interferes with the injection molding case of the main engine.

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