S3302RC Signal/ Spectrum Analyzer (5G Test Solution)

Saluki S3302RC real-time spectrum analyzer is a broadband handheld real-time spectrum analyzer designed for field testing. The maximum real-time analysis bandwidth reaches 120MHz. It has real-time spectrum analysis, 5G NR demodulation analysis, LTE FDD/TDD demodulation analysis, GSM/ EDGE demodulation analysis, directional analysis and other measurement function modes.

S3302RC spectrum analyzer adopts 8.4-inch large-screen LCD and capacitive touch screen integrated design to facilitate user operation. The structure adopts a handheld chassis, which is small in size, light in weight, flexible in power supply, easy to maneuver, and is extremely suitable for on-site use.

Key Features

Wide frequency range: from 9kHz to 9GHz

Full-band preamplifiers configuration

Excellent RF specification performance

Real-time spectrum analysis function

Maximum real-time analysis bandwidth: 120MHz

512MHz IQ waveform capture

8.4 inch high definition LCD touch screen, various display modes

  • New Broadband Handheld Real-time Signal Analyzer

    Excellent RF specification performance:

    •   Low displayed average noise level: -163dBm@1Hz RBW (typical)

    •   Phase noise performance: -115dBc/Hz@100kHz frequency offset@1GHz carrier

    •   Input TOI point: +13dBm (typical)

    •   Amplitude accuracy: ±1.3dB


    Real-time Spectrum analysis function: 

    •   Support persistence spectrum and waterfall display mode

    •   Maximum real-time analysis bandwidth: 120MHz

    •   RTSA with 5.8us POI

  • 5G/4G/3G Measurement Options

    S3302RC handheld signal/spectrum analyzer can be used for on-site debugging and installation and maintenance of mobile communications, wireless communications, radar, satellite communications and other equipment, wireless communication signal demodulation analysis, interference source direction finding and map positioning, broadband modulation or transient signal test analysis.


    •   5G NR demodulation

    •   4G LTE FDD/TDD demodulation

    •   GSM/EDGE demodulation

  • Various Measurement Functions

    •   Spectrum analysis mode

    •   RTSA waterfall mode

    •   RTSA persistence mode

    •   Interference analysis mode

    •   Directional analysis mode

    •   Indoor/outdoor map measurement

    •   Time-gated measurement

    •   Frequency taming calibration function

  • Comprehensive Intelligent Measurement Functions

    •   Field strength measurement

    •   Channel power

    •   Occupied bandwidth

    •   Adjacent-channel power ratio

    •   Tune & listen

    •   Carrier-to-noise ratio

    •   Emission mask

    •   Harmonic distortion

    •   List sweep

  • Easy & Convenient User Operation

    •   One-click quick measurement

    •   Storage and recall of state and data

    •   Combination of 8.4 inch LCD and capacitive touchscreen, smaller light refraction and clearer display

    •   Convenient capacitive touch screen operation

    •   Various display modes, better experience under outdoor light and night vision

    •   Backlight keys enable easy viewing in darkness

    •   Various auxiliary test interfaces

Frequency Range

S3302RC: 9kHz to 9GHz,  resolution 1Hz

Frequency Reference

•   Frequency: 10MHz

•   Aging Rate: ±0.5ppm/Year

•   Initial Frequency Accuracy: ±0.3ppm

•   Temperature Stability: ±0.1ppm(-10 to 50℃, comparative to 25℃)

Sweep Time

Range: 10μs-6000s (zero span),  Accuracy: ±2.00% (zero span)

Frequency Readout Accuracy

±(Frequency Readout × frequency Reference + 2%×Span + 10%×Resolution Bandwidth)

Frequency Span

Range: 100Hz-9GHz or 0Hz,  Accuracy: ±2.0%


1Hz-10MHz (1-3 times of stepping), 20MHz


1Hz-10MHz (1-3 times of stepping), 20MHz

SSB Phase Noise (Carrier 1GHz)

•   ≤ -108dBc/Hz@ Frequency Offset 10kHz

•   ≤ -110dBc/Hz@ Frequency Offset 100kHz

•   ≤ -118dBc/Hz@ Frequency Offset 1MHz

•   ≤ -129dBc/Hz@ Frequency Offset 10MHz

Displayed Average Noise Level

Pre-amplifier Off:

≤-140dBm (2MHz-3GHz),  ≤-138dBm (3GHz-9GHz)

Pre-amplifier On:

≤-160dBm (2MHz-3GHz),  ≤-157dBm (3GHz-9GHz)

Residual Response

Pre-amplifier Off: ≤-82dBm (10MHz-9GHz)

Pre-amplifier On: ≤-95dBm (10MHz-9GHz)

(exceptional frequency: 3.15GHz)

Second Harmonic Distortion

•   50MHz-2GHz: <-65dBc

•   2GHz-4.5GHz: <-70dBc

(0dB attenuation, -30dBm input signal)


•   50MHz-5.2GHz: ≥+10dBm

•   5.2GHz-9GHz: ≥+12dBm

(-15dBm two-tone signal, 100kHz span, pre-amplifier off)

Input Attenuator

Attenuation range: 0dB-30dB, 5dB steps

Maximum Continuous Input (Typical)

•   +27dBm peak (≥10dB attenuation)

•   +20dBm peak (<10dB attenuation)

•   +10dBm peak (pre-amp on)


•   314mm (W)×218mm (H)×91mm (D) (excluding handle, stand)

•   338mm(W)×218mm (H)×100mm (D) (including handle, stand)


≤ 4.6kg

(Note: see more detail information in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Datasheet’)

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
S3302RC Signal/ Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz to 9 GHz


Module No. Item Description
S3302RC-006 Power Adapter Backup
S3302RC-007 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Backup
S3302RC-008 CAT5 LAN Cable Point to point, 2m length
S3302RC-009 Micro SD Card Class 4, capacity: 8G
S3302RC-010 GPS and Beidou Function GPS exposed antenna (BNC), built-in GPS/Beidou module and software
S3302RC-016 Interference Analyzer Option Provide spectrogram, RSSI measurement etc. functions
S3302RC-019 List Sweep Option To realize continuous sweep measurement of various frequency bands
S3302RC-020 Zero Span IF Output Output the third or fourth IF signal (choose one of two)
S3302RC-021 ZE9080 Directional Antenna A Frequency range: 9kHz-20MHz, N(f) (requires option 025)
S3302RC-022 ZE9080 Directional Antenna B Frequency range: 20MHz-200MHz, N(f) (requires option 025)
S3302RC-023 ZE9080 Directional Antenna C Frequency range: 200MHz-500MHz, N(f) (requires option 025)
S3302RC-024 ZE9080 Directional Antenna D Frequency range: 500MHz-8GHz, N(f) (requires option 025)
S3302RC-025 ZE9080 Antenna Amplifier Frequency range: 10kHz-8GHz, N(m), include option 050 (requires option 021/022/023/024)
S3302RC-028 Functional Bag Protect the instrument
S3302RC-029 Backpack Easy to carry
S3302RC-030 Carrying Case Used to carry
S3302RC-038 Location Analyzer Option Internal software which requires option 010, option 050 and directional antenna for function realization
S3302RC-041 Omnidirectional Whip Antenna Frequency range: 700MHz-2700MHz, suitable for communication frequency band
S3302RC-042 Directional Antenna Active Log Periodic Antenna, Frequency Range: 700MHz-4GHz
S3302RC-043 Directional Antenna Active Log Periodic Antenna, Frequency Range: 700MHz-6GHz
S3302RC-044 Directional Antenna Active Log Periodic Antenna, Frequency Range: 680MHz-10GHz
S3302RC-046 Directional Antenna Active Log Periodic Antenna, Frequency Range: 400MHz-4GHz
S3302RC-047 Directional Antenna Active Log Periodic Antenna, Frequency Range: 400MHz-6GHz
S3302RC-048 Directional Antenna Active Log Periodic Antenna, Frequency Range: 380MHz-10GHz
S3302RC-050 USB Electronic Compass External USB electronic compass, requires option 038 for function realization
S3302RC-051 Omnidirectional Antenna Portable Omnidirectional Antenna, Frequency Range: 680MHz-6GHz
S3302RC-052 Omnidirectional Antenna Portable Omnidirectional Antenna, Frequency Range: 300MHz-8GHz
S3302RC-053 VHF/UHF Extension-Type Whip Antenna Frequency Range: 140MHz/430MHz
S3302RC-054 Passive Directional Antenna Passive Log Periodic Antenna, Frequency Range: 700MHz-4GHz
S3302RC-055 Passive Directional Antenna Passive Log Periodic Antenna, Frequency Range: 700MHz-6GHz
S3302RC-056 Passive Directional Antenna Passive Log Periodic Antenna, Frequency Range: 680MHz-10GHz
S3302RC-060 RF Cable N/SMA RF Coaxial Cable (m-m), DC-18GHz, 2m length
S3302RC-061 RF Cable N/SMA RF Coaxial Cable (m-m), DC-18GHz, 1m length
S3302RC-067 ZE9080 Antenna Transportation Case Special case for ZE9080 antenna, for the whole set of ZE9080 antenna and antenna amplifier, including option 021, 022, 023, 024, 025
S3302RC-068 Real-time Spectrum Analysis Provide real-time spectrum analysis function, including digital fluorescence and waterfall chart
S3302RC-069 5G NR Measurement Perform demodulation analysis of 5G NR signals
S3302RC-070 Time Gated Measurement Perform time slot signal analysis
S3302RC-071 LTE Measurement Perform 4G LTE FDD/TDD demodulation analysis
S3302RC-072 GSM/EDGE Measurement Perform 2G GSM/EDGE demodulation analysis
S3302RC-073 120MHz Analysis Bandwidth The analog bandwidth is extended to 120MHz, affecting the zero-span IF output, IQ data acquisition, and real-time spectrum analysis functions
S3302RC-074 Indoor/outdoor Map Measurement Built-in software, including indoor/outdoor maps, need to be used with 010 option
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