SFED-01 USB Handheld Optical Fiber Microscope

SFED-01 USB handheld optical fiber end face microscope adopts high-precision optical path design and high-speed digital image processing to carry out 200/250 times magnification imaging of the measured end face, which is especially suitable for fine inspection of stains, scratches, dents and other end face conditions.No need to drive, connect with the computer through USB, the detection image is stored in the computer.Stylish appearance, lightweight and portable.

Key Features

FC/SC/ST/E2000/LC/MU/MPO compatible

200/250x magnification

Support operation with computer and OTDR

Pre-center positioning, image centered, clear, uniform spot

Suitable for DWDM, SDH, SONET equipment and various optical fiber transmission racks, optical switches, optical distribution boxes, etc.

Built-in digital sensor, through the USB port connected to the computer to detect optical fiber end face, easy to do the image analysis

No need to drive, plug in the USB port to work, support for USB1.1 and USB2.0 interfaces

Focusing Style






User Interface

USB 1.1, USB 2.0


119 × 56 × 33 mm



Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
SFED-01 USB Handheld Optical Fiber Microscope Including 2.5mm-PC-Male, 1.25mm-PC-Male, SC-PC-Female, LC-PC-Female adapter


Module No. Item Description
SFED-01-1 APC adapter For 2.5mm-APC-Male fiber end
SFED-01-2 APC adapter For 1.25mm-APC-Male fiber end
SFED-01-3 APC adapter For SC-APC-Female fiber end
SFED-01-4 APC adapter For FC-APC-Female fiber end
SFED-01-5 APC adapter For LC-APC-Female fiber end
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