S2108 Series Optical Network Tester

S2108 series optical network tester is one high-end intelligent instrument integrated 18 functions with WiFi, GPS and iCloud system, designed for testing multiple optical fiber communication system.

Key Features

Wavelength range 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625 nm

Up to 45dB dynamic range, 0.8m ultra-short event blind zone

Data analysis on Cloud Platform or Android App

Integrated WIFI, Bluetooth, IOT, GPS & Beidou functions

Support multi-tasks simultaneous operation, VFL, OPM, LS function can run in the background

Multiple fibers test realizes engineering cable data management

Support to set Pass/fail threshold, judge the fiber connection status

Support to generate PDF test report on the device

Unique remote assistance and one-click repair function

7 inch color multi-points capacitive touch screen, with CE operation system

Standard configuration: OTDR, Intelligent optical network map (iONM), LS, VFL, OPM, Optical end face detection, Multi-core measurement, Optical loss test, File management, Data wireless transmission, RJ45 cable tracker, Laser ranging, Remote assistance, One-key repair, Camera, Bluetooth, GPS&BDS

  • Optical Network Tester

    Innovation in OTDR


    •  Best Choice for Field Engineer on Multi-core Cable Test


    •  iONM – Removing the complexity from OTDR Testing


    •  Intelligent file management, One-click upload to Cloud Platform


    • Connects anywhere –  integrated USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile and virtual private network (VPN)

  • Powerful Cloud Platform (IOT)

    Log in directly at fiber-iot WEB or Scan QR Code and bind your device


    • Support Android system, and achieve remote control OTDR test by app


    • Powerful fiber-iot simulation tools, view OTDR data and generate reports


    (Explore more detailed video on the YouTube )

  • OTDR Function

    •  Multi tasks at one time, OPM, VFL and LS simultaneous run


    •  Modify the test conditions without stopping


    •  Thumbnail, full-screen curve, double-click zoom, one-key event zoom etc.


    •  Open max. 10 curves at one time and set the reference curve


    •  One button to generate .pdf report and wireless transmission

  • Various OTDR parameters can be set freely

    •  Quick settings, including wavelength, test range, pulse widths, time etc.


    •  OTDR settings, including fiber properties, pass/fail threshold, measurement condition and analysis/save setting


    •  Advanced settings, including display general setting, measurement setting and save setting

  • Event Map Function

    •  Intelligent optical network map (iONM)


    •  Simplify link under test diagnosis, event graphic view and event list


    •  Judge the connection status automatically


    •  One button to generate .pdf report and wireless transmission

  • Multi Core Measurement

    •  Achieve optical cable data management, create maximum 2,000 cores project


    •  Store OTDR data, OPM data and End face detection data


    •  Support take on-site test pictures (500W pixel high-definition camera)


    •  Optical cable health status comparison

  • Optical Power Meter Function

    •  Automatic wavelength and frequency identification


    •  Unique test data acquisition function


    •  Pass/fail threshold setting


    •  Support run in the background

  • Laser Source Function

    •  FP-LD laser source


    •  Adjustable output power from -5dBm to +3dBm


    •  Wavelength identification, CW/Modulation twins mode output


    •  Support run in the background

  • Visual Fault Locator Function

    •  Highly transparent red light


    •  Standard 10 mW output power


    •  Three output mode CW/ 1Hz/ 2Hz


    •  Support run in the background

  • Optical Fiber End Detection Function

    •  Judge the optical fiber end condition


    •  Simple detection operation


    •  Support image capture (.bmp picture)


    •  Optional USB handheld microscope probe

  • RJ45 Tracker Function

    •  Finding of network line, telephone line and other cables, test distance ≥ 300 meters


    •  Digital radar tracker, strong anti-jamming ability


    •  Support tracking by line pair and online tracking


    •  Free wire tracker receiver

  • Unique Laser Ranging Function

    •  Used for optical laying and broadband installation


    •  Accurate measurement ± 2mm


    •  Maximum length 40 meters


    •  Laser safety level Class II

  • VNC Connect Function

    •  Input IP address to complete screen sharing, easy operation


    •  Interaction can be achieved in the next upgrad


    Achieve screen sharing between device and your computer !


S2108-S1/S3/S4/S5: 1310/1550 nm,

S2108-P1F1/P1F2: 1625 nm,

S2108-P2F1/P2F2: 1650 nm,

S2108-T1F1/T1F2: 1310/1550/1625 nm,

S2108-T2F1/T2F2: 1310/1550/1650 nm,

S2108-M1: 850/1300 nm,

S2108-SM1/SM2: 850/1300/1310/1550 nm

Dynamic Range

•  S2108-S1: 37/35 dB                     •  S2108-S3: 40/38 dB

•  S2108-S4: 42/40 dB                     •  S2108-S5: 45/43 dB

•  S2108-P1F1: 38 dB                      •  S2108-P1F2: 40 dB

•  S2108-P2F1: 37 dB                      •  S2108-P2F2: 40 dB

•  S2108-T1F1: 37/35/35 dB          •  S2108-T1F2: 40/38/38 dB

•  S2108-T2F1: 37/35/35 dB          •  S2108-T2F2: 40/38/38 dB

•  S2108-M1: 26/28 dB                    •  S2108-SM1: 26/28/35/33 dB

•  S2108-SM2: 26/28/38/36 dB

Event Blind Zone

•  S2108-S1/S3/S4/S5/P1F1/P1F2/P2F1/P2F2/T1F1/T2F2: 0.8m

•  S2108-M1: 1.5m

•  S2108-SM1/SM2: 1.5m / 0.8m (SM/MM)

Attenuation Blind Zone

•  S2108-S1/S3/S4/S5/P1F1/P1F2/P2F1/P2F2/T1F1/T2F2: 5m

•  S2108-M1: 6m

•  S2108-SM1/SM2: 5m / 6m (SM/MM)

Measuring Accuracy

± (0.75 + Sampling interval + 0.005% * Test distance) (Refractive error are not included)

Display Resolution


Test Range


Pulse Width


Sampling Point

3.2k – 320k

Sampling Resolution

0.03125m – 8m

Loss Accuracy

± 0.05dB/dB

Loss Resolution


Loss Threshold


Reflection Accuracy

± 3dB


1.00000 – 2.00000, 0.00001 step

Loss Analysis

4-point method / 5-point method

File Format

SOR (standard format)

Electronic Report

PDF reports can be generated on the device, and transmitted to the wireless terminal via Bluetooth

Optical Interface

FC/UPC (Interchangeable SC, ST)

Laser Safety Level

Class II

Refresh Rate

10Hz (typ.)

Multitasking Function


Connection Detection


Remote Assistance


One-key Repair


2. OPM
Wavelength Range

800nm – 1700nm

Measurement Range

(-50dBm to +26dBm) or (-70dBm to +10dBm)


± 5%


≤ 0.01dB


Universal joint FC/SC/ST

Calibration Wavelength

850/980/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625/1650 nm

Unique Functions

Support wavelength identification, data collection and threshold setting

3. LS

Consistent with OTDR output wavelength

Output Power

-5dBm to +3dBm, adjustable power


CW, ±0.5dB/15min

Laser Source



FC/UPC (Interchangeable SC, ST)

Output Mode


Unique Functions

Support wavelength identification,

CW/Modulation twins mode


4. VFL

650nm ± 20nm

Output Power

≥ 10mW (standard)




FC/UPC (Interchangeable SC, ST)

Laser Safety Level

Class III

5. Laser Ranging
Test Range

0.05m – 40m

Test Accuracy

± 2.0mm

Laser Type

620nm – 690nm

6. RJ45 Cable Tracker

Digital / Analog tracking

Test Distance

≥ 300m

Unique Functions

Support online tracking and line pair tracking

7. Optical Loss Test

Consistent with LS output wavelength

Test Range

Consistent with OPM

Insertion Loss Test



7 inch 1024×600 IPS TFT-LCD, Multi touch capacitive touch screen

Data Storage

Internal: 8GB (≥200,000 data)

Data Interface

2 USB-A, 1 Mini-USB, 1000M Ethernet port, RJ45 tracker port, 3.5mm audio port


7.4V / 6400mAh Lithium battery, max. 20 hours working time

Power Supply

AC/DC adapter: Input 100V-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.6A, Output 12V-19V, 3A




252 (W) × 180 (H) × 72 (D) mm


1.5kg (including battery)

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
S2108-S1 Optical Network Tester 1310/1550 nm, 37/35 dB, SM
S2108-S3 Optical Network Tester 1310/1550 nm, 40/38 dB, SM
S2108-S4 Optical Network Tester 1310/1550 nm, 42/40 dB, SM
S2108-S5 Optical Network Tester 1310/1550 nm, 45/43 dB, SM
S2108-P1F1 Optical Network Tester 1625 nm, 38 dB, SM
S2108-P1F2 Optical Network Tester 1625 nm, 40 dB, SM
S2108-P2F1 Optical Network Tester 1650 nm, 37 dB, SM
S2108-P2F2 Optical Network Tester 1650 nm, 40 dB, SM
S2108-T1F1 Optical Network Tester 1310/1550/1625 nm, 37/35/35 dB, SM
S2108-T1F2 Optical Network Tester 1310/1550/1625 nm, 40/38/38 dB, SM
S2108-T2F1 Optical Network Tester 1310/1550/1650 nm, 37/35/35 dB, SM
S2108-T2F2 Optical Network Tester 1310/1550/1650 nm, 40/38/38 dB, SM
S2108-M1 Optical Network Tester 850/1300 nm, 26/28 dB, MM
S2108-SM1 Optical Network Tester 850/1300/1310/1550 nm, 26/28/35/33 dB, SM/MM
S2108-SM2 Optical Network Tester 850/1300/1310/1550 nm, 26/28/38/36 dB, SM/MM


Module No. Item Description
S2108-01 SFED-01 USB Handheld Optical Fiber Microscope For optical fiber end face detection (OFD) function

Standard Package

No. Item Qty.
1 OTDR Host 1 PC
2 AC/DC Power Adapter 1 PC
3 Power Line 1 PC
4 OTDR SC Adapter 1 PC
5 OPM SC Adapter 1 PC
6 Wire tracker receiver 1 PC
7 User Manual 1 PC
8 Certificate of Quality 1 PC
9 Special backpack for instrument 1 PC
10 Optical Fiber Cleaner 1 PC
  • Wifi&4G&BT&IOT&GPS Function

  • Multi-core Test Function

  • iONM Function

  • OTDR Function

  • VNC Function

  • RJ45 Tracker Function

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