Fiber optic cleaner pen is a tool for cleaning SC, FC, ST, LC and other optical fiber connectors or ports for communication systems. No need to wipe with alcohol, you can easily remove the end face dust, oil and debris.

Key Features

One action cleaning system

More than 95% cleanliness

Over 800 cleanings per unit

Easy operation, small size

Effective with a varity of contaminants

Compliant with EU/95/2002/EC Directive (RoHS)

Applicable Connector Type


Usage Count

Over 800 times


> 95%

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
SFC-125 One-Click Fiber Optic Cleaner Clean φ1.25mm adapter mounted MU/LC connectors
SFC-250 One-Click Fiber Optic Cleaner Clean φ2.5mm adapter mounted SC/ST/FC connectors (APC&UPC)

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