SACLA1840L Low Noise Amplifier

SACLA1840L is a wideband low noise RF coaxial amplifier covering frequency from 18GHz to 40GHz. The amplifier offers 35dB typical high gain, 2.5dB typical noise figure and +14dBm typical output power of P1dB.

Saluki’s RF amplifier brings compact and reliable gain block performance to MW&RF designers, wireless infrastructure, and systems integrators.

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Key Features

Ultra wide band operation 18GHz - 40GHz

Gain: 35dB typical

Noise figure:2.5dB typical

P1dB output power: +14dBm typical

Supply voltage: 110V to 240V AC

50 ohm matched input / output

Frequency Range

18 GHz to 40 GHz


35 dB (typ.)

Gain Flatness

± 1.0 dB (typ.)

Noise Figure

2.5 dB (typ.)

Input VSWR

2.3:1 (typ.)

Output VSWR

1.5:1 (typ.)

Output 1dB Compression Point (P1dB)

14 dBm (typ.)

Saturated Output Power (Psat)

16 dBm (typ.)

Output Third Order Intercept (OIP3)

26 dBm (typ.)

Supply Current

+220V @ 60mA (typ.)

Isolation S12

-60 dB




Gray Paint




Maximum 39.5 ounces

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Main Module

Module No. Item Description
SACLA1840L Low Noise Amplifier 18 to 40GHz, Gain 35dB, 2.92mm-female.
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