S33012 Optical Fiber Cleaver

S33012 Fiber Cleaver is a tool used for cleaving multiple and single stand optical fibers, dispersion shifted and non-zero dispersion shifted fibers, as well as for 0.9 mm pigtail, 3.0 mm jumping fiber, and 3.1 × 2.0 mm cable for FTTx.

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Key Features

4-in-1 fixture

Light weight

Easy to use

More than 50000 fiber cutting

Standard waste optical fiber box

Fiber Type

•  Multiple and single stand optical fibers

•  Dispersion shifted and non-zero dispersion shifted fibers

•  0.9 mm pigtail / 3.0 mm jumping fiber

•  3.1×2.0 mm cable for FTTx

•  Cladding diameter: 125μm. Single core

Typical Cleave Angle

≤ 0.45°, mirror

Blade Life

≥ 50,000 fiber cutting  (16 sides, >3,200/side)

Cleave Length

10 – 16 mm


58 (W) × 57 (H) × 53 (D) mm


0.3 kg

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
S33012 Optical Fiber Cleaver Standard accessory of fusion splicer

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