【Product】S3602 Series Vector Network Analyzer
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Saluki S3602 series vector network analyzer is a new generation of vector network analyzer, launched by Saluki Technology. In the hardware, new design concept and technical architecture are adopted, thus significantly improving key technical performance indicators such as the overall scanning speed and dynamic range. In the software, the embedded computer with high-performance microprocessor chip and platform environment based on Windows7 operating system are applied, thus greatly improving the overall interconnection and usability.

Fig.1 S3602 series vector network analyzer


S3602 series vector network analyzer has multiple calibration modes such as frequency response, single port, response isolation, enhanced response, double ports and electrical calibration, and multiple display modes such as the logarithmic amplitude, linearity amplitude, standing wave, phase, group delay and Smith chart. It is equipped with various standard interfaces, such as USB, LAN, GPIB and VGA.


Vector signal analyzer can be widely applied in measurement of the transmission/reception (T/R) module, dielectric material properties, microwave pulse characteristics and photoelectric properties. It is an indispensable tester in research and production of the phased array radar, communication, RF microwave device and other systems.


Product Features

•  12.1-inch high-resolution touch screen

•  Multiple calibration modes such as the frequency response, single port, frequency isolation, double ports, TRL and electrical calibration

•  16 display windows capable of displaying 8 traces at the same time, and 64 independent measurement channels to rapidly implement complex test solutions

•  Record/run (one-button operation), greatly simplifying the Measurement setups steps and improving the working efficiency

•  Multiple display formats such as the logarithmic amplitude, linearity amplitude, standing wave, phase, group delay, Smith chart and polar coordinates

•  USB, GPIB, LAN and VGA interface

•  Two options: single-source stimulus type 2-port vector network analyzer and double-source stimulus

•  Type four-port vector network analyzer

•  Multiple functions such as the pulse measurement, time domain measurement, mixer measurement, active intermodulation distortion measurement, gain compression and two-dimensional scanning measurement, millimeter wave spreading, antenna and RCS measurement


Main Functions

1. Simple and intuitive humane user interface, facilitating operation and improving the test efficiency

S3602 series vector network analyzer is equipped with a 12.1-inch 1280*800 touch screen. The touch screen, panel keys and mouse can be used to effectively guide the user to properly operate the instrument. The operation can be made quick and intuitive in the Windows system, thus greatly improving the test efficiency.


2. Multi-window multi-channel measurement display

S3602 series vector network analyzer supports up to 64 channels, and as many as 16 measurement windows can be displayed at the same time. Up to 8 test tracks can be displayed in each window, and frequent status calling is not required to measure several parameters of the tested device, thus simplifying the test process.


3. Wide dynamic range

S3602 series vector network analyzer is designed based on fundamental wave mixed reception, thus effectively expanding the dynamic range of the overall test and meeting increasing test demands for the wide dynamic range.


4. Automatic test

The automatic test can help to save a lot of time and effectively reduce the test cost in a flexible automation environment.

(1) The vector network analyzer is controlled with SCPI commands to complete automatic tests. l

(2) Codes are directly executed from the vector network analyzer or external PC through a LAN or GPIB interface. l

(3) The application program can be directly run in the instrument, with no external PC.