VSG20XX Series Vector Signal Generator

Saluki VSG20XX Series Vector Signal Generator, frequency range covers 100kHz to 3/6/12/20/44/50/67GHz, output power range covers -110dBm to +15dBm, phase noise -138dBc/Hz@1GHz frequency offset 10kHz, has ultra-low Phase noise and spurious, internally generated baseband real-time modulation bandwidth up to 1GHz, external IQ input, the highest modulation bandwidth up to 2GHz. Supports the generation of a variety of modulation signals, with pre-distortion calibration and other functions.

Applications: Radar/Communication/Production Test

Key Features:

Frequency range: 100kHz~3/6/12/20/44/50/67GHz

Output power range: -110dBm to +15dBm

Phase noise: -138dBc/Hz@1GHz frequency offset 10kHz

Internal baseband maximum modulation bandwidth: 1GHz

External baseband maximum modulation bandwidth: 2GHz

Supports digital modulation

Supports multi-tone signals

Supports multi-carrier digital modulation

Support pulse radar

Supports continuous wave radar

Supports Gaussian noise

Support frequency hopping signals

Supports pre-distortion calibration and other functions

Ultra-low phase noise and spurious

Frequency Range

VSG2003A: 100kHz to 3GHz

VSG2006A: 100kHz to 6GHz

VSG2012A: 100kHz to 12GHz

VSG2020A: 100kHz to 20GHz

VSG2044A: 100kHz to 44GHz

VSG2050A: 100kHz to 50GHz

VSG2067A: 100kHz to 67GHz

Frequency Resolution


Frequency switching speed



Maximum output power: ≥15dBm
Minimum output power: -110dBm
Power resolution: 0.01dB


100kHz to 2GHz: <1.40

2GH to 20GHz: <1.50

20GHz to 44GHz: <1.80

44GHz to 67GHz: <2.0

Phase Noise

<-138dBc/Hz (typ., 1GHz, 10kHz offset)

Harmonic suppression

•  100kHz<f≤5MHz: <-30dBc

•  5MHz<f≤200MHz: <-40dBc

•  200MHz<f≤33.5GHz: <-50dBc

(Output Power: +10dBm)

Clutter suppression

•  10MHz<f≤2GHz: <-70dBc

•  2GHz<f≤10GHz: <-65dBc

•  0GHz<f≤20GHz: <-60dBc

•  20GHz<f≤44GHz: <-55dBc

•  44GHz<f≤67GHz: <-50dBc

(Output Power: 0dBm)

Digital modulation
Operating mode Internal baseband IQ or external baseband IQ
Internal maximum modulation bandwidth 1GHz
External maximum modulation bandwidth 2GHz
EVM <1% symbol rate 200MHz
Storage depth 512Msa
Modulation format
QAM 4、16、32、64、128、256、1024、2048、4096
Analog modulation AM、FM、PM
Pulse modulation
General characteristics
On-off ratio >70dB
Min. pulse width 50ns
Min. period 100ns
External pulse input
Input resistance DC coupled, high impedance
Level 3.3V-CMOS
Internal pulse generator
Square wave rate 0.1Hz to 5MHz
Pulse period 100ns to 10s
Pulse Width 50ns to 10s
Resolution 5ns
Adjustable trigger delay 5ns to 10s
Level 3.3V-CMOS
Reference properties
With internal and external 10MHz reference switching function
Internal reference frequency stability ±2e-8 0℃~+50℃
External reference input power 5dBm±3dBm
Internal reference output power +10dBm±3dB
Interface and structure
RF output 2.92/2.4/1.85mm panel connector, output impedance 50Ω internal
Pulse output BNC
External pulse input BNC
External reference input BNC
Internal reference output BNC
External trigger input BNC
External IQ input BNC
Internal IQ output BNC
Control interface RJ-45(TCP/IP over Ethernet )/ RS422
Power supply AC,198~242VAC,45Hz~55Hz,150W(MAX)
Weight ≤10kg

(Note: see more detail information in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Datasheet’)

Ordering Information

Module No. Item Description
VSG2003A Vector signal generator 100kHz to 3GHz
VSG2006A Vector signal generator 100kHz to 6GHz
VSG2012A Vector signal generator 100kHz to 12GHz
VSG2020A Vector signal generator 100kHz to 20GHz
VSG2044A Vector signal generator 100kHz to 44GHz
VSG2050A Vector signal generator 100kHz to 50GHz
VSG2067A Vector signal generator 100kHz to 67GHz

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