Saluki torque wrench is used to tighten coaxial connectors by limiting the amount of torque during testing or assembly in order to prolong connector life. It is designed for continual use and applying accurate torque. (Special Discount Now!)


Unit Price: US$ 160  

Key Features

Multiple open-end wrench size

Suitable for various RF coaxial connector types

Customizable coupling torque


Aluminium (TWlue)


Chrome plated steel (Silver)

(Note: see more technical specifications in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Datasheet’)

Main Module

Model No. Open-end wrench size (inch) Connector Type
TW060T034 15/64 SMC
TW060T045 15/64 1.0mm
TW06T056 1/4 SSMA
TW06T090 1/4 SSMA
TW08T056 5/16 SMA
TW08T090 5/16 SMA / 3.5mm / 2.92mm / 2.4mm / 1.85mm
TW08T135 5/16 SMA / 3.5mm / 2.92mm / 2.4mm / 1.85mm
TW140T056 0.551 TNC / TNCA
TW140T135 0.551 TNC / TNCA
TW14T056 9/16 TNC / TNCA
TW14T135 9/16 TNC / TNCA
TW16T056 5/8 TNC / TNCA
TW16T135 5/8 TNC / TNCA
TW19T090 3/4 N / NMD type
TW19T135 3/4 N / 7mm
TW20T090 25/32 N/ NMD type
TW20T135 25/32 N / 7mm 

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