SK500 Handheld Stabilized Laser Source

SK500 handheld stabilized laser source provides 1 to 4 wavelengths of stable output, and with continuous power adjustable, modulated light output and other functions, backlight intelligent control, design more environmentally friendly energy.

SK500 is mainly for fiber-optic network site installation, acceptance and maintenance of fiber optic cable, optical passive components of the transmission and loss measurement needs of the new design and development of products, with hand-held optical power meter use, can provide you with a fiber network precision test solution.

Key Features

Wavelength 850/1300/1310/1490/1550nm, customized 1625/1650nm

Support CW/270Hz/1kHz/2kHz modulation output

Optional 0 - 6dB adjustable output power (step 1dB)

Support automatic shutdown and user self-calibration

Backlight intelligent control


SM: 1310/1490/1550 nm
MM: 850/1300 nm

Fiber Type

62.5/125um, 9/125um

Optical Connector


Laser Type


Output Power

≥ -5dBm


± 0.02dB / 8h

Modulation Mode


Power Regulation

0 – 6dB, 1dB step

Automatic Shutdown Time

10 min

Continuous Working Time

≥ 72h (LS function)

Power Supply

Three AA batteries


100 (W) × 186 (H) × 50 (D) mm



Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
SK500-1 Stabilized Laser Source 1310/1550 nm, SM, Dry battery
SK500-2 Stabilized Laser Source 850/1300 nm, MM, Dry battery
SK500-3 Stabilized Laser Source 850/1300/1310/1550±20 nm, SM&MM, Dry battery
SK500-4 Stabilized Laser Source 1310/1490/1550 nm, SM, Dry battery
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