SGM150/SGM200 Signal Generator Module

SGM150/SGM200 series signal generator module has ultra-wide frequency band, excellent performance and easy integration features. The module has a variety of practical functions such as continuous broadcast signal, analog modulation, pulse modulation, amplitude/frequency scanning and low-frequency function model output, which means it has high-cost performance.

The module height is standard 1U, suitable for system integration and desktop test and measurement equipment. Complete standard SCPI command set, and general LAN interface bring you great convenience for remote control and secondary development.

Key Features

Frequency range from 100kHz to15GHz/9kHz to 20GHz.

Typical output power from -120dBm to +10dBm

Support various analog modulation AM/FM/M, support external waveform modulation

Support pulse modulation, up to 70dB on-off ratio

Support linear frequency modulation, can simulate radar signals

Provide internal modulation sources: sine wave, square wave, triangle wave

Standard LAN interface, providing standard SCPI command set

Low power consumption, light weight and compact size, suitable for system integration and installation

Frequency Range

100 kHz to 15 GHz

9 kHz to 20 GHz

Frequency Resolution

0.01 Hz

Internal Reference Frequency

10 MHz

Temperature Stability


Internal Reference Output

10 MHz, ≥+8 dBm (typ.)

Sweep Mode

Step sweep, List sweep

Trigger Mode

Auto, External, Button

Output Power Range

Max: +10dBm

Min: -120dBm

Output Power Resolution

≤ ± 1.0dB (ALC. Open)

SSB Phase Noise

Carrier Frequency Offset @f=1GHz: ≤-115 dBc / Hz @ 10kHz offset


≤ -30 dBc (typ.)


≤ -60 dBc (typ.)

Internal Modulation Signal Waveform

•  Sine wave: 1Hz – 500kHz

•  Square: 1Hz – 20kHz

•  Triangle: 1Hz – 100kHz


Analog, Digital, Pulse modulation


RF output: SMA, LF: SMA

Power Supply

Voltage +12VDC ±5%, Current 2A


245 (W) × 190 (D) × 44 (H) mm



(Note: see more detail information in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Datasheet’)

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
SGM150 Signal Generator Module 100 kHz to 15 GHz
SGM200 Signal Generator Module 9 kHz to 20 GHz
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