SG10XX Series Microwave Analog Signal Generator

Saluki SG10XX series microwave analog signal generator is an ultra-low phase noise, high power, multi-channel output microwave signal source. The product frequency covers from 9kHz to 12, 24, 40, 45 and 67GHz, with a frequency resolution as low as 0.001Hz. It also has a narrow pulse modulation function, which can realize multi-channel coherent signal output. A single machine can support up to 8 channels. The frequency and power of each channel can be independently adjusted or linked together. It supports adjustable phase and dual-tone signal output. The SG10XX series microwave analog signal source has excellent performance in applications requiring excellent phase noise, large dynamic output power range, multi-channel simultaneous testing and portability. It is a very cost-effective microwave analog signal source.

Applications: R&D/Local Oscillator Replacement/Component Testing/Receiver Sensitivity Testing/Microwave Photons/Phased Array Antenna Testing/Low Orbit Satellite

Key Features:

Balance product performance and purchasing budget

Maximum output power:>+20dBm (typ. @10GHz)

Phase noise <-115dBc/Hz (typ., 10GHz, 1kHz offset)

Multi-channel coherent output

With narrow pulse modulation function, minimum pulse width 50ns

Highly integrated and compact

Frequency Range
Single Channel SG1012A: 10MHz to 12GHz

SG1024A: 10MHz to 24GHz

SG1040A: 10MHz to 40GHz

SG1045A: 10MHz to 45GHz

SG1067A: 10MHz to 67GH

multi-channel 2-3 channels optional, single machine can be expanded to 8 channels

(10MHz to 12GHz, 24GHz, 40GHz, 45GHz, 67GHz, each channel can be combined at will)

Isolation between channels


Frequency Resolution


Time base aging rate

After 30 days <±0.1ppb/day (nominal value)

<±1ppm/year (nominal value)

Phase Noise

<-115dBc/Hz (typ., 10GHz, 1kHz offset)

Harmonics(Option S1134P-LFB002)

•  9kHz<f≤10MHz: <-30dBc

•  10MHz<f≤200MHz: <-40dBc

•  200MHz<f≤2GHz: <-55dBc

•  2GHz<f≤23GHz: <-55dBc

(Output Power: +10dBm)


• 9kHz≤f≤10MHz: <-65dBc

•  10MHz<f≤250MHz: <-75dBc

•  250MHz<f≤6GHz: <-80dBc

•  6GHz<f≤12GHz: <-75dBc

•  12GHz<f≤24GHz: <-70dBc

•  24GHz<f≤40GHz: <-65dBc

•  40GHz<f≤67GHz: <-60dBc

(Output Power: 0dBm, 3 kHz offset)


•   Internal reference frequency stability: ±2e-8  0°C to +50°C

•   External reference input power: +5±3dBm

•   Internal reference output power: +10±1dBm, 50Ω Load

Output Power

Maximum output power:

•   10MHz to 20GHz: ≥+15dBm

•   20GHz to 40GHz: ≥+13dBm

•   40GHz to 50GHz: ≥+10dBm

•   50GHz to 67GHz: ≥+7dBm

Minimum output power:

•   -120dBm/-90dBm


•   ≤2GHz: <1.40:1

•   2GHz to 24GHz: <1.50:1

•   24GHz to 40GHz: <1.60:1

•   40GHz to 67GHz: <1.8:1


2U: 88mm (H) * 320mm (W) * 400mm (D)

2U: 88mm (H) * 483mm (W) * 559mm (D) (each channel of dual or three channels is below 24GHz)

3U: 134mm (H) * 483mm (W) * 559mm (D) (three channels,  output is higher than 24GHz)



Single Channel ≤10kg

Dual Channel ≤16kg

Three Channels ≤20kg

Program control port
LAN RJ45 connector, LAN connector provides remote control function
RS422 DB9 connector, serial communication interface, providing remote control function
GPIB(optional) Standard GPIB interface, providing remote control function
Input and Output
Debugging interface DEBUG DB15 connector, providing power calibration and firmware update functions through a dedicated connector
External trigger input TRIG IN BNC-K connector, sweep or modulation trigger input interface, 3.3V-COMS logic level, input high impedance
Internal trigger output TRIG OUT BNC-K connector, sync pulse trigger output
External 10MHz reference input REF 10MHz IN BNC-K connector, receives 10MHz reference signal, used for internal time base required for frequency locking, rated input power is +2 to +8dBm, impedance is 50Ω, sine wave or square wave
Internal 10MHz reference output REF 10MHz OUT BNC-K connector, outputs 10MHz reference signal. Output power is +10±1dBm, output impedance is 50Ω
RF OUT 3.5mm(SLFSP12A/SLFSP24A),Output impedance 50Ω
2.92mm(SLFSP40A),Output impedance 50Ω
2.4mm(SLFSP45A),Output impedance 50Ω
1.85mm(SLFSP67A),Output impedance 50Ω
External pulse input PULSE IN BNC-K connector, input port for external modulation pulses, 3.3V-COMS logic level, input high impedance
Internal pulse output PULSE OUT BNC-K connector, outputs internally generated pulse signal, 3.3V-COMS logic level, output impedance is low resistance

(Note: see more detail information in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Datasheet’)

Ordering Information

Module No. Item Description
SG1012A Single Channel 10 MHz to 12 GHz
SG1024A Single Channel 10 MHz to 24 GHz
SG1040A Single Channel 10 MHz to 40 GHz
SG1045A Single Channel 10 MHz to 45GHz
SG1067A Single Channel 10 MHz to 67 GHz
SGXXXXM Multi channel Supports multiple channels (10MHz to 12GHz, 24GHz, 40GHz, 45GHz, 67GHz, each channel can be combined at will)  XXXX: represents the frequency of each channel required (please contact us for customization)


Module No. Item Description
SCL 1.6GHz clock 1.6GHz clock input and output
SLF Low frequency output 9kHz-10MHz low frequency output

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