SE2052 DSP Lock-In Amplifier (Dual-channel)

SE2052 Digital Lock-in Amplifier provides an excellent performance within its bandwidth from DC to 400 MHz. With the advantage of the latest digital signal processing technology and high-speed 1GSa/s 14-bit ADC, SE2052 can easily detect the phase and the magnitude of weak signals overwhelmed by various large noises. The performance of SE2052 is as good as other lock-in amplifiers all over the world, even better than them in some certain parameters, such as measurement accuracy, SNR, dynamic reserve, which meets the needs of scientific research and industrial application well.

Key Features

DC to 400MHz frequency

2 independent lock-in units

Dual signal generators

>120 dB dynamic reserve

4nV/√Hz input noise

Oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer

Automatic PID control

1. Dual Channel Signal Channel
Frequency range

DC to 400MHz

Voltage input mode

Single-ended or Differential

Full-scale sensitivity

1 nV to 2 V in a 1-2-5 sequence


50 Ω or 10 MΩ//15 pF, AC or DC coupled

Dynamic reserve

> 120 dB

Gain accuracy

0.2% standard, 1% maximum

Equivalent input noise

4 nV/√Hz (> 100kHz)

Analog-to-digital conversion

14bit, 1GSa/s

2. Dual Reference Channel

•  Frequency range: DC to 400 MHz

•  Reference input: Square or Sine Wave

•  Input impedance: 50Ω or 10 MΩ//15 pF, AC or DC coupled

•  TTL level: VINH>3 V , VINL<0.5 V

• Sine reference level: Freq. > 1 Hz, > 300 mVpp


•  Resolution: 1u°

•  Absolute phase error: <1°

•  Differential phase error: <0.001°

Harmonic detection

1 – 65535F (nF < 400MHz)

Acquisition time

•  Internal ref.: instantaneous acquisition

•  External ref.: 100 signal cycles or 1.5 ms (>100kHz)

3. Two Signal Generators
Frequency range

DC to 400MHz

Frequency resolution

1 uHz

Sine amplitude

• Sine amplitude: 1uVrms to 1.5 Vrms

• Resolution: 1uVrms

• Tolerance: 0.5% standard, 1% maximum

• Temperature stability: 100 ppm/°C

Bias range


Output impedance


4. Demodulator


Input signal selection

Signal Channel CHA or Signal Channel CHB


•  Digital output: no zero drift on all setting

•  Display: no zero drift on all setting

Harmonic rejection

-90 dB

Time constant

25 ns to 4.4 ks 6,12,18,24 dB/oct steepest fall-off

Measurement bandwidth

40uHz to 6MHz

Filter drop

6,12,18,24,30,36,42,48 dB/oct drop

5. Display

5.6-inch, 640 x 480 TFT color LCD screen

Screen format

Single-channel or dual-channel display

Display values

X,Y,R,θ values can be displayed on each channel

Display type

Digital display, bar graph

Color style

Yellow, Green

6. Auxiliary Inputs and Outputs
AUX inputs

•  Function: 4-channel input

•  Amplitude: ±10 V, 0.1 mV resolution, 0.1% + 20 mV accuracy

•  Impedance: 1 MΩ

AUX outputs / CH outputs

•  Function: 4-channel output

•  Amplitude: ±10 V, 0.1 mV resolution, 0.1% + 20 mV accuracy

•  Drive Current: ±30 mA max

Sync input/output

Function: 3.3V TTL external trigger for data storage

10MHz clock input/output

Function: Instrument clock input/output for multi-computer synchronization

7. Communication Interface

Standard 9-array RS-232 female socket


USB2.0 high-speed communication interface


1Gbps Gigabit network communication interface

Digital I/O

Bidirectional 16bit

8. General
Power requirement

•  Voltage: 220 – 240 VAC

•  Frequency: 50 Hz

•  Power: 90 W typ, 100W max

Power supply noise suppression



448 (W) × 148 (H) × 515 (D) mm (with feet)


12 kg

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SE2052 Digital Lock-in Amplifier (Dual-channel) DC to 400 MHz, 1 nV to 2 V full-scale sensitivity
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