S6362D Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Saluki S6362D is a high-resolution, large-dynamic, high-speed, high-performance optical spectrum analyzer. It is perfect for testing 600 nm to 1700 nm optical systems, such as DWDM and optical amplifiers. It can also be used for optical active and passive device testing, such as LED, FP-LD, DFB-LD, optical transceivers and optical fibers and fiber gratings and other optical devices.

Key Features

20pm minimum spectrum resolution

600nm to 1700nm spectrum scanning range

76dB large dynamic range

-90dBm sensoring sensitivity

Single longitudinal mode laser spectrum analysis

Multi-longitudinal mode laser spectroscopy

Various optoelectronic device application analysis functions

Support spatial light input

Built-in light source output configuration

Powerful spectrum data analysis function for multiple applications

12.1-inch touch screen

Spectral Range

600nm – 1700nm

Applicable Fiber Type

SM (9.5/125um), GI (50/125um, 62.5 um, 125um), Large core diameter fiber (maximum 200um)

Scan Span

0.2 nm to 1100 nm (full span), 0 nm

Wavelength Accuracy

•    ±0.02 nm (1520nm to 1620nm)

•    ±0.04 nm (1450nm to 1520nm)

•    ±0.10 nm (full span)

Wavelength Linearity

±0.01nm (1520 – 1580nm)

Wavelength Repeatability

±0.005nm (2 minutes)

Wavelength Resolution Setting

0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2 nm

Sampling Resolution

Minimum 0.001nm

Sampling Points

101 to 50001, AUTO

Power Sensitivity Setting


Power Sensitivity

•    -90 dBm (1300 to 1620nm)

•    -85 dBm (1000 to 1300nm)

•    -60 dBm (600 to 1000nm) (sensitivity: HIGH3)

Maximum input power

+20 dBm (per channe, full wavelength band)

Maximum Safe Input Power

+25 dBm (total input power)

Power Accuracy

±0.4 dB (1310/1550nm, input power: -20dBm, sensitivity: MID)

Power Linearity

±0.05 dB (input power: -50dBm to +10dBm)

Power Flatness

•    ±0.1dB (1520nm to 1580nm)

•    ±0.2dB (1450nm to 1520nm, 1580nm to 1620nm)

Polarization Dependence

±0.05 dB (1550nm), ±0.08 dB (1310nm)

Dynamic Range

•    Resolution 0.02nm: 60dB (peak ±0.2nm), 46dB (peak ±0.1nm)

•    Resolution 0.05nm: 73dB (peak ±1.0nm), 63dB (peak ±0.4nm), 52dB (peak ±0.2nm)

•    Resolution 0.1nm: 60dB (peak ±0.4nm), 46dB (peak ±0.2nm)

Stray Light Suppression Rate


Optical Return Loss

35dB (using APC connectors)

Optical Output Options

Standard C-band DFB calibration light source

DFB/FP light source (standard 1550nm, other wavelengths are optional)

SLED light source (band range optional),

SLED+C2H2 light source

Other light source type accessories can be customized


12.1 inch touch screen

Instrument Interface



426 (W) × 221 (H) × 450 (D) mm



Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
S6362D Optical Spectrum Analyzer 600 nm to 1700 nm


Module No. Item Description
S6362D-S02 High Accuracy Analysis Software Optimized wavelength measurement accuracy and dynamic range. Wavelength accuracy: ±10pm (1520nm to 1580nm), Dynamic range: better than 75dB (Typ: 76dB)
S6362D-H02 Build-in Source Type: SLED, Power: ≥1mW, Center Wavelength: 1310nm/1490nm/1550nm (Selectable)
S6362D-H03 Build-in Source Type: SLED + C2H2 absorption tank for higher calibration, Power: ≥1mW, Center Wavelength: 1550nm

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