How to Clean the Optical Output Interface of the OTDR ?
Release time :2021.05.31 Reading quantity:24

The optical output interface of Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) is a replaceable interface, which must be kept clean. When the instrument is unable to test the normal curve or the test results are inaccurate, the first consideration is to clean the optical interface of the instrument.

Specific cleaning methods: unscrew the output interface, wipe the end face of ceramic core with clean cotton sheets or special paper towels and cotton swabs wetted by alcohol, and then screw the output interface after the end alcohol evaporates.



Tip 1: Before cleaning, make sure both OTDR and VFL function are stopped!

Tip 2: In the normal use of the instrument, please cover the dust cap after it is finished, and keep the dust cap clean at the same time!