Embedded Calibration of S3101 Cable and Antenna Analyzer
Release time :2021.03.24 Reading quantity:57

Before measurement, cable and antenna analyzer shall be calibrated. Calibration can minimize the measurement error and improve the measurement accuracy of the tester. S3101 series provides two calibration method: mechanical calibration and embedded calibration. In this section, we mainly show the embedded calibration operation.


1. Introduction

Operators can quickly perform “one-click” single-port calibration by embedded electronic calibration, which is not only of simple operation and high precision calibration, but also able to adapt to the environment temperature of 0°C to +50°C, significantly improving the test efficiency. Meanwhile, the configuration of embedded electronic calibration of the test does not affect the use and performance of mechanical calibration kits. They can be used to meets the testing requirements of a variety of occasions.


2. Calibration Procedure

The process is as follows:

1) Before performing embedded calibration, please keep the measurement port is not connected.

2) When parameter settings are done, press [Cal] key, click [Embedded Calibration] menu item, the instrument will automatically perform a calibration procedure with a prompt saying “Embedded Calibration Measuring…” displayed in the interface.

3) After completing calibration, the display interface shows the prompt saying “Finish embedded calibration!” and the calibration status automatically displays from “OFF” to “ON”.