【Product】S1465V Series Vector Signal Generator
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Vector signal generator is a new type of signal generator, which constantly meets the digital requirements of communication technology development. It introduces the digital modulation technology in communication into the signal generator technology field, and provides necessary conditions for the test of communication equipment.

Fig.1 Saluki S1465V Series Vector Signal Generator


Saluki S1465V Series Vector Signal Generator have a frequency range of 100kHz – 67GHz, excellent spectrum purity and output power. The maximum output power reaches up to 1W at 20GHz carrier. S1465V vector signal generator features high-precision analog sweep function, excellent simulation modulation, pulse modulation and vector modulation. S1465V series is mainly used for comprehensive assessment of radar performance, high-performance receiver testing and component parameter testing, applicable for many fields such as aerospace, radar, communication, navigation equipment, etc.


High Purity Spectrum

S1465V series vector signal generator is able to output extremely pure signal spectrum, typical single side band phase noise at 10GHz carrier and 10kHz frequency offset of -126dBc/Hz, and at 1GHz carrier and 10kHz frequency offset of -142dBc/Hz. This performance can be used in Doppler radar, high-performance receiver blocking and adjacent channel selectivity tests, and are ideal alternatives to local oscillator and low-jitter clock.

Fig.2 SSB phase noise


Broadband High Power Output

For H05 high-power options, typical values for the maximum output power are +22dBm for 20GHz, +20dBm for 40GHz, and +10dBm for 67GHz. For H06 enhanced high-power option, the output power is +30dBm (1W). When high-power input signals are required in your test, the required test signals can be obtained, with no external amplifier, and higher power accuracy and stability will be achieved.


High Vector Modulation Bandwidth

S1465V series vector signal generator can generate vector signals of modulation bandwidth 200MHz and 2GHz external ( > 3.2GHz carrier).

Fig.3  5GHz Carrier 200MHz Modulation Bandwidth Multi-tone Signal

Fig.4  60GHz Carrier 200MHz Modulation Bandwidth Multi-tone Signal


Download of High-compatibility Arbitary Waveform Data Format

S1465V series vector signal generator supports downloading and playing of arbitrary waveform data in storage formats of Mat-File 5, ASCII, Binary, cap, csv and up to the depth of 2G sampling point.

Fig.5 Downloading and Playing of Arbitrary Waveform Data


Vector Modulation Accuracy

S1465V series vector signal generator has high vector modulation accuracy of EVM<1.4% (test value<1.0% for 100kHz – 40GHz) and EVM<2.5% (test value<1.5% for 40GHz – 67GHz).

Fig.6 Vector Modulation Accuracy


Universal Digital Modulation in Complete Formats

S1465V series vector signal generator supports real-time generation of universal digital modulation signals in more than 20 formats including PSK, QAM, FSK, MSK, etc.

Fig.7  8PSL and 512QAM