NS8350 Series Navigation Signal Source

The NS8350 series navigation signal source supports signal simulation of four satellite navigation systems, BDS/GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO, providing users with stable, reliable, accurate, and controllable GNSS simulation signals. It is a dedicated testing equipment for satellite navigation product development, testing, and certification. After selecting the relevant components, the NS8350 series navigation signal source can support signal simulation for special applications such as INS/GNSS combination, multiple antennas, and multiple users.

Key Features

Support all publicly available satellite navigation signals for BDS/GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO four systems

Support BDS authorization signal (authorization signal module requires user application)

Supporting complete constellation and carrier control, ionospheric and tropospheric delay simulation

Support testing mode, multiple pseudorange models, such as stationary, constant speed, uniform acceleration, sine, circumference, etc

Supports various typical user dynamics, including uniform speed, uniform acceleration, sine, and circular motion

Support ship, vehicle, aircraft, and spacecraft models

Support importing external trajectory files

Support external trajectory data injection

Support data recording, including carrier data, satellite data, signal data, navigation messages, and ephemeris information

1. Signal type

BDS: B1I、B1C、B2a、B2b、B3I and authorization signals;

GPS: L1C/A、L1C、L1P、L2C、L2P、L5;






2. Number of signal channels






3. Number of multipath channels per frequency point


4. Signal dynamic parameters
Maximum height


Maximum speed


Speed resolution


Maximum acceleration

±10000m/ s²

Acceleration resolution


Maximum acceleration speed

±15000m/ s³

Jerk acceleration


5. Phase noise





6. Signal accuracy
Pseudorange phase error


Pseudo range rate of change error


Consistency between code phase channels


7. Signal quality
Clutter suppression (in band)


Harmonic suppression (secondary)


8. Signal level
Power range

-100dBm to -20dBm

Power absolute error

≤0.5 dBm

Power resolution


Power linearity


9. Time frequency benchmark
Frequency stability


Frequency accuracy


10. Power supply characteristics
Input voltage


Frequency range




11. Environmental adaptability

Working temperature and humidity:temperature:-20℃~+45℃

Storage temperature and humidity:temperature:-40℃~+85℃

12. Physical properties

Size:Standard 3U chassis,48.2cm×53.7cm×13.4cm;


Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
NS8350 Navigation signal source GBT-39413-2020-Performance requirements and testing methods for signal simulators of Beidou satellite navigation systems.

Delivery Checklist

Name Describe Number
Navigation signal source Device host 1
Simulation control software Light disk 1
Power line Three-hole power cord,1.8m 2
Attenuator 30dB、40dB1each 2
Operation instructions Equipment operation instructions 1
Factory test report Factory test certificate of conformity 1
Certificate of conformity Qualification certificate of products 1

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