NS1102X Navigation Signal Simulator

NS1102X series navigation signal simulator is a cost-effective test solution for satellite navigation terminal manufacturers.  It has the satellite navigation signal analog output capability of BDS constellation (36 RNSS), GPS constellation (32), GLONASS constellation (24), Galileo constellation (24) and its mixed constellation.

NS1102X series has two standard configuration L1 and L2, each of one configuration could get five frequencies which can greatly meet your demand. It can  be used in a wide variety of applications, such as aerospace, drones, autonomous vehicles, surveying equipment, and end of line product testing.

Key Features

Available for BDS, GPS, GLONASS, Gallileo

12 channels per frequency

Up to 5 navigation signals in a system

Support external interface to test and use

Standard one output port, Optional two output ports

Available to build navigation terminal detection system

Suitable for car/ mobile phone/ digital products (with navigation) testing

  • Main Features

    Saluki NS1102X navigation signal simulator is configured with up to 12 signal channels and has many features like small size, light weight, easy to carry, abundant functions etc.


    •  Multi-constellation: available for BDS, GPS, GLONASS, Gallileo

    •  Multi-frequency: five frequency points in one compact size

    •  RF Signals: power range -150dBm to -60dBm

    •  Scenario-based: build navigation terminal detection system

    •  Impairment Signals: interference, jamming and multi-path

    •  Future-proof: support future constellation launch

    •  Multiple Functions: constellation simulation, trajectory simulation, environmental simulation

  • Ordering Information

    Saluki NS1102X navigation signal simulator is suitable for the testing and development of a whole host of products within a wide variety of applications.


    NS1102X has two base configuration for you to choose from.


    •  L1:  GPS-L1, BDS-B1I, BDS-B1C, GLONASS-L1, Galileo-E1

    •  L2:  GPS-L2, BDS-B2I, GLONASS-L2, Galileo-E5a, Galileo-E5b


    Also other frequency point of GPS/ BDS/ GLONASS/ Galileo constellations can be customized.


    Please contact us via sales@salukitec.com.

Output Frequency

•  BeiDou: B1l:1561.098MHz, B2l:1207.14MHz

•  GPS: L1: 1575.42MHz, L2:1227.60MHz

•  GLONASS: L1:1602.00MHz, L2:1246.00MHz

•  Galileo: E1:1575.42MHz, E5a:1176.45MHz, E5b:1207.14MHz

Modulation System

Mode: BPSK

Signal Scale

Channel number: Up to 12 channels per frequency

Signal Quality

•  Spurious (max.): -40dBc

•  Harmonics (max.): -35dBc

Phase Noise

•  -75dBc/Hz @100Hz

•  -80dBc/Hz @1kHz

•  -85dBc/Hz @10kHz

•  -90dBc/Hz @100kHz

Signal Power Control

•  Resolution: superior to 1dB

•  Absolute accuracy: superior to 1dB

•  Power Range: -150dBm to -60dBm

External Interface

RF output: one Type-N port (optional for two ports)

Power Supply

AC power: 220V±20V, 200W


518.4 (W) × 44 (H)  × 482.6 (D) mm

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
NS1102X-L1 Navigation Signal Simulator GPS-L1, BDS-B1I, BDS-B1C, GLONASS-L1, Galileo-E1 & one output port
NS1102X-L2 Navigation Signal Simulator GPS-L2, BDS-B2I, GLONASS-L2, Galileo-E5a, Galileo-E5b & one output port

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