NS1102X Navigation Signal Simulator

NS1102X series navigation signal simulator is a cost-effective test solution for satellite navigation terminal manufacturers. NS1102X series has two standard configuration L1 and L2, each of one configuration could get 5 frequencies which can greatly meet your demand.

Key Features

Available for BDS, GPS, GLONASS, Gallileo

12 channels per frequency

Up to 5 navigation signals in a system

Support external interface to test and use

Available to build navigation terminal detection system

Suitable for car/mobile phone/ digital products (with navigation) testing

Output Frequency

•  BeiDou: B1l:1561.098MHz, B2l:1207.14MHz

•  GPS: L1:1575.42MHz, L2:1227.60MHz

•  GLONASS: L1:1602.00MHz, L2:1246.00MHz

•  Galileo: E1:1575.42MHz, E5a:1176.45MHz, E5b:1207.14MHz

Modulation System

Mode: BPSK

Signal Scale

Channel number: Up to 12 channels per frequency

Signal Quality

•  Spurious (max.): -40dBc

•  Harmonics (max.): -35dBc

Phase Noise

•  -75dBc/Hz @100Hz

•  -80dBc/Hz @1kHz

•  -85dBc/Hz @10kHz

•  -90dBc/Hz @100kHz

Signal Power Control

•  Resolution: superior to 1dB

•  Absolute accuracy: superior to 1dB

•  Power Range: -150dBm to -60dBm

External Interface

RF output: one Type-N port (optional for two ports)

Power Supply

AC power: 220V±20V, 200W


518.4 (W) × 44 (H)  × 482.6 (D) mm

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
NS1102X-L1 Navigation Signal Simulator GPS-L1, BDS-B1I, BDS-B1C, GLONASS-L1, Galileo-E1
NS1102X-L2 Navigation Signal Simulator GPS-L2, BDS-B2I, GLONASS-L2, Galileo-E5a, Galileo-E5b

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