NS8340 GNSS Constellation Simulator

NS8340 series GNSS constellation simulator is a multi-constellation and multi-frequency point analog source for global satellite navigation systems. The NS8340 series has satellite navigation signal analog output capability with BDS, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo constellation and its mixed constellation, providing high stability standard 1PPS pulse signal and 10MHz clock signal output. It is suitable for various user machine design and development, production testing, teaching demonstration, equipment testing and routine detection applications.

Key Features

Available for BDS, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and RDSS

12/16 channels and 4/24 paths per frequency

Up to 8 navigation signals in a system

Support external interface to test and use

Available to build multiple detection systems

Constellation simulation: ability to complete satellite orbit simulation, satellite clock error simulation, delay differential TGD simulation, earth rotation effect simulation, relativistic effect simulation, etc.

Trajectory simulation: has static and dynamic trajectory generation capability, and can simulate the motion characteristics of sports carriers such as vehicles, ships, and aircraft. At the same time, it has special scene simulation functions such as spirals.

Environmental simulation: ionospheric delay simulation, tropospheric delay simulation, ground atmospheric parameter simulation, etc.

Simulation control: independent setting capability of pseudo-range and power for each channel, generating navigation and telegram capability for the constellation model, and setting parameters for atmospheric layer and ionospheric model parameters.

Multi-frequency point output: supports signal simulation output of any frequency combination of four satellite navigation systems.

Multi-function: optional components including inertial navigation, interference signals, spoofing signals, real-time closed-loop simulation, optical fiber communication interface, serial timing component and scam signal integration to achieve the corresponding test functions.

Output Frequency

•  BeiDou: B1:1561.098MHz, B2:1207.14MHz, B3:1268.52MHz

•  GPS: L1:1575.42MHz, L2:1227.60MHz, L5:1176.45MHz

•  GLONASS: L1:1602.00MHz, L2:1246.00MHz

•  Galileo: E1:1575.42MHz, E5a:1176.45MHz, E5b:1207.14MHz

•  RDSS: L: 1618.25MHz, S: 2491.75MHz

Signal Accuracy

•  Channels consistency: 0.3ns

•  Pseudorange rate change accuracy: < 0.005m/s

•  Pseudorange control resolution: < 0.05m

Signal Scale

•  Channel number: 12/16 per frequency (optional)

•  Multipath number: 4/24 per frequency (optional)

Signal Quality

•  Spurious (max.): -40dBc

•  Harmonics (max.): -35dBc

•  Frequency stability: ≤5×10-11/sec, ≤±5×10-10/day

Signal Dynamic Performance

•  Relative velocity: 0 – 16,000m/s

•  Relative acceleration: 0 – 900m/s2

•  Relative jerk: 0 – 900m/s3


Phase Noise

•  -75dBc/Hz @100Hz

•  -80dBc/Hz @1kHz

•  -85dBc/Hz @10kHz

•  -90dBc/Hz @100kHz

Signal Control Level

•  Resolution: superior to 0.2dB

•  Absolute accuracy: superior to 0.2dB

•  Power Range: -150dBm to -60dBm

External Interface

•  1PPS/10MHz pulse signal input port: one BNC port

•  1PPS/10MHz pulse signal output port: one BNC port

•  RF output port: one Type-N port

Output Second Pluse Indicator

•  Output level: 1LVTTL

•  Rising edge stability: 0.1ns

•  High level duration: >20ms

Closed Loop Delay (Optional)

Superior to 10ms

Inertial Navigation Simulation (Optional)

•  Data output rate: 400Hz/s (max.)

•  Output delay: ± 500ms

•  Unit signal accuracy: 0.1n mile/h

•  Adjustable step: 1μs


Power Supply

AC power: 220V±20V, 200W


484.1 (W) × 175 (H)  × 482.6 (D) mm

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
NS8340 GNSS Constellation Simulator Multi-GNSS/Constellation/Frequency


Module No. Item Description
NS8340-01 BDS B1 1561.098 MHz
NS8340-02 BDS B2 1207.14 MHz
NS8340-03 BDS B3 1268.52 MHz
NS8340-04 GPS L1 1575.42 MHz
NS8340-05 GPS L2 1227.60 MHz
NS8340-06 GPS L5 1176.45 MHz
NS8340-07 GLONASS L1 1602.00 MHz
NS8340-08 GLONASS L2 1246.00 MHz
NS8340-09 Galileo E1 1575.42 MHz
NS8340-10 Galileo E5a 1176.45 MHz
NS8340-11 Galileo E5b 1207.14 MHz
NS8340-12 RDSS L 1618.25 MHz
NS8340-13 RDSS S 2491.75 MHz

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