NMD 3.5mm Test Port Adapters

Saluki NMD test port adapters is a ruggedized test port connector used for stable connection to VNA or any NMD style test port. These adapters can provide connection between or adapt to cable assemblies and devices. The rugged construction makes the connection very stable and repeatable.

Key Features

Frequency range up to 26.5GHz

Mulitiple connector types

Maximum VSWR 1.15:1

Durability >2000 cycles

RoHS compliant

Frequency Range

DC – 26.5GHz

VSWR (Max.)




Body Type



SU303, Polished & Passivated

Center Conductor

Beryllium copper, Gold plated

(Note: For other port configuration, please send email to sales@salukitec.com)

Main Module

Module No. Item Description
SA26FM(N3.5-N3.5) Test Port Adapter DC-26.5GHz, Port 1: NMD 3.5mm female, Port 2: NMD 3.5mm male
SA18FF(N3.5-N) Test Port Adapter DC-18GHz, Port 1: NMD 3.5mm female, Port 2: N female

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