3656 Series Vector Network Analyzer

3656B/D vector network analyzer is applicable to fields of radio communications, cable TV, teaching and automotive electronics etc. It can be used for performance measurement of RF components such as filter, amplifier, antenna, cable, and cable television sub connectors etc.

3656 series vector network analyzer adopts Windows operating system, and has functions of error calibration, time domain and fixture simulator. It supports multiple display formats such as logarithmic amplitude, linear amplitude, standing wave, phase, group delay, Smith chart and polar coordinates etc.. It provides multiple calibration types including frequency response, single port, response isolation, enhanced response and full dual-port, rapid SOLT calibration and electrical calibration. It is capable of multi-channel and multi-window display. It is designed with USB interface, LAN interface, GPIB interface and VGA interface. It can rapidly and accurately measure the amplitude, phase and group delay characteristics of the DUT S-parameter, with efficient and powerful error correction capability.

Key Features

Frequency range from 100kHz to 8.5GHz and 300kHz to 20GHz

125dB wide dynamic range, accurate measurement on high rejection ratio devices

75Ω test port impedance option of 3656A for cable TV components measurement

3656A/B/D provide 4-port option which can accomplish all 16 S parameters test of 4-port net by a single connection

Ultra-low trace noise which provide higher test accuracy

Up to 64 independent measuring channels that can implement complex testing schemes rapidly

Powerful data analysis functions, such as ripple test, bandwidth test and limit test, convenient for user to judge the conformity and improves the test efficiency

Time domain analysis function as the standard configuration

Fixture simulator can simulate various R&D situations to rapidly get the real-time test results

LAN and GPIB interface, capable of remote control and system interconnection, 4 USB interfaces

Frequency Range

3656B: 100 kHz to 8.5 GHz,

3656D: 300 kHz to 20 GHz

Frequency Resolution

1 Hz

Frequency Accuracy

±5×10-6 (23°C ± 3°C)

Dynamic Range

Up to 125dB


IF Bandwidth

1MHz – 5MHz

Number of Built-In Ports

2-port (standard), 4-port (option)

Measurement Point

1 – 16001

Number of Measurement Receiver

2 / 4

Reference Level Amplitude Setting

•  Range: ± 500dB

•  Resolution: 0.001dB

Reference Phase Setting

•  Range: ± 500°

•  Resolution: 0.01°

Time-base Reference Output

•  Output frequency: 10MHz

•  Output level: +10dBm ± 4dB

Measurement Fields

Frequency domain and Time domain

Display Format

Logarithmic amplitude, linear range, standing wave, phase, group delay, smith chart, polar diagram

Power Supply

50 Hz 220 V AC / 60 Hz 110 V AC

Power Consumption

150 W


10.4-inch high brightness LCD


435 (W) × 233 (H) × 348 (D) mm


3656B: 16 kg,   3656D: 19.5 kg

(Note: see more detail information in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Purchase Guide’)

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
3656B Vector Network Analyzer 100 kHz to 8.5 GHz
3656D Vector Network Analyzer 300 kHz to 20 GHz

Options of 3656B Vector Network Analyzer

Module No. Item Description
3656-H02 N-type testing cable (GORE-OSZKUZKU0240) Male - Male, 60cm
3656-H03 N-type testing cable (GORE-OSZKUZKU0240) Female - Male, 60cm
3656-H07 Economical stable phase testing cable CETC41-N/J.SMA/J.197C-800(Type-N to 3.5mm connector, dual male, 80cm)
3656-H08 Economical stable phase testing cable CETC41-N/J. N/K.197C-800(Type-N connector, female-male, 80cm)
3656-H09 Economical stable phase testing cable CETC41-N/J. N/J.197C-800(Type-N connector, dual male, 80cm)
3656-H11 20402 Electronic calibration kit 300kHz-18GHz, N Type (female to male), 2 port
3656-H12 20403 Electronic calibration kit 10MHz-26.5GHz, 3.5mm (female to male), 2 port
3656-H13 20405 Electronic calibration kit 10MHz-20GHz, 3.5mm (female), 4 port
3656-H16 Aluminum carrying case For safety transportation
3656-H19 Cabinet Easy to build system
3656-H20 English options Button, front panel, label
3656-H21 20201 N-type calibration kit DC - 9GHz
3656-H22 20202 3.5mm calibration kit DC - 9GHz
3656-H23 32111 waveguide calibration kit 1.72GHz - 2.61GHz
3656-H24 32112 waveguide calibration kit 2.6GHz - 3.95GHz
3656-H25 32113 waveguide calibration kit 3.94GHz - 6.0GHz
3656-H26 32114 waveguide calibration kit 4.64GHz - 7.05GHz
3656-H27 32115 waveguide calibration kit 5.88GHz - 8.17GHz
3656-H28 32116 waveguide calibration kit 7.0GHz - 10.0GHz
3656-H29 Front panel jumper Supports 4-port extension and receiver through test
3656-S01 Production test software Optional for 3656B vector network analyzer

Options of 3656D Vector Network Analyzer

Module No. Item Description
3656-H12 20403 Electronic calibration kit 10MHz - 26.5GHz, 3.5mm (female to male), for 2-port
3656-H13 20405 Electronic calibration kit 10MHz - 20GHz, 3.5mm (female), for 4-port
3656-H19 Rackmount kit Easy to build system
3656-H30 3.5mm calibration kit DC - 26.5GHz
3656-H31 3.5NMD/3.5mm-KJ testing cable 87308
3656-H32 3.5NMD/3.5mm-KK testing cable 87308A
3656-H33 3.5mm testing cable FB0HA0HB025.0 3.5mm GORE testing cable
3656-H34 3.5mm testing cable FB0HA0HC025.0 3.5mm GORE testing cable
3656-H35 English options Button, front panel, label
3656-H37 4-port option /
3656-H38 Aluminum transportation case For safety transportation

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