USRP-SB205 mini plus

The USRP-SB205 mini plus is a compact industrial-grade software-defined radio device measuring 6.1×10.7×1.6cm in size.

This device features an industrial-grade programmable Xilinx Artix™ 7 XC7A200T FPGA and a transmit front-end using ADI’s AD9364 RF integrated circuit, which supports an RF range of 70MHz to 6GHz and an instantaneous bandwidth of 56MHz, making it a cost-effective 1T1R transceiver.

Key Features

Small size, highly integrated, RF range from 70 MHz–6 GHz

The maximum real-time bandwidth supported is 56MHz and the reference sample rate is 61.44MS/s

The open source UHD supports multiple frameworks

Requires UHD 3.9.2 or newer driver version support

Support high-speed USB 3.0 connection, USB power supply

GPIO common interface and JTAG debugging capabilities

Supports 10 MHz reference clock or PPS synchronization version up to

Supports XILINX VIVADO2019.2


USRP-SB205 mini plus

1. Input/output
DC voltage input


2.RF performance parameters
Enter a third-order intercept point


Output power


Noise figure


Local oscillator accuracy


3.Convert module parameters
ADC Sampling Rate (Max)


ADC resolution


DAC sampling rate


DAC resolution


Maximum tansporting rate with host (16b)

61.44 MS/s

4. Physical Properties

6.1×10.7×1.6 cm



Main Machine

Module No. Item. Description
USRP-SB205 mini plus Universal Software Radio Peripheral Frequency: 70MHz to 6GHz; DC voltage input: 5V

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