SUDC-D Series Dual Channel Up/Downconverter

SUDC-D Series Dual Channel Up/Downconverter belongs to our microwave converter series that has a high performance and a multi-octave or single octave coverage by RF signal. Its frequency step is precise and accurate to 1Hz with a variety of IF and signal bandwidth choices. This series of converter is mainly applied to electronic countermeasure system, radar system, and satellite communication system. The special dual-channel design has an excellent amplitude and phase stability that can be configured with a common synthesizer or double synthesizer work. With an excellent phase noise, clutter suppression, and in-band flatness data, it is able to provide a transparent RF transmission channel to all videos or data communications. All programming commands can be set through a local panel or through network remotely. SUDC-D Series Dual Chanel Up/Downconverter is available in both 2U and 4U sizes.

Key Features

Multi-octave RF coverage (0.5 ~ 67GHz)

Octave RF coverage S, C, X, Ku, and Ka

2GHz or above instantaneous signal bandwidth

Amplitude Equalization and Group Delay Equalization

Variety of commonly used IF and bandwidth combinations

Choices of coherent dual-channel or non-coherent dual-channel

Excellent phase noise specification ≤-100dBc/Hz@10KHz

Internal and external reference switching

Remote programming

RF frequency cover

0.5 – 67 GHz

Octave RF coverage

S, C, X, Ku, and Ka

Phase noise specification


(Note: see more technical specifications, please refer to the specifications of SUC-C and SDC-C series microwave up/down converters.)

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
SUDC-D Dual Channel Up/Downconverter RF output frequency range: 0.5 GHz to 67 GHz

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