STL5520 Series Magnetic Component EST Analyzer

STL5520/A comprehensive analysis system in a single machine to achieve AC voltage resistance, DC voltage resistance, insulation resistance, turn to turn insulation test, DC low resistance, inductance (STL5520A optional) test six functions. For the test items required by coil components, such as safety and voltage resistance, interturn insulation, winding resistance value, coil inductance (STL5520A optional), previously four different instruments were needed for testing, but now it can be realized in a single machine.

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Key Features

High-resolution: 7-inch 800 × 480 dots, TFT-LCD display

Six-in-one comprehensive analysis, one machine can achieve the comprehensive test needs of coil components: High-power AC withstand voltage analysis、 Inductance test analysis、Insulation resistance analysis 、DC voltage analysis、Turn-to-turn insulation analysis、DC low resistance analysis、

Eight-channel switching technology that can test eight different components simultaneously

500VA power AC withstand voltage design, in line with UL 1004-1 motor test standards

Insulation resistance test: maximum voltage can reach 5kV

DC / IR automatic rapid discharge function

Turn-to-turn insulation test: sampling ADC promoting to 12bit, 200MHz sampling rate

DC low resistance test: support DC resistance calculation of △ Y-type motor

DC low resistance temperature conversion function and optional temperature sensor

Inductance test analysis of up to 100kHz frequency

Quick contact check function to realize rapid detection of test fixture

New-type high voltage test fixture

Four-terminal Kelvin test of DC low resistance and inductance




1. Withstand Test
Output Voltage

AC: 0.050 – 5.000kV,Step 0.001kV,Frequency 50Hz/60Hz ±0.1%,sinusoidal waveform

DC: 0.050 – 6.000kV,Step 0.001kV

Accuracy: ± (1% set value + 0.1% of full scale)

Adjustment Rate: (1% output + 0.1% of full scale) rated power

Current Range

AC: Voltage≤4.000kV: 0.001mA – 120.0mA, Voltage>4.000kV:0.001mA – 100.0mA

DC: 0.1uA – 20.00mA

Accuracy: ± (1% of reading + 0.5% of full scale), AC Real: ± (1% of reading + 5% of total current reading + 5 digits)

Output Power



AC: 1.0mA – 20.0mA,0.1mA Step

DC: 1.0mA – 10.0mA,0.1mA Step

2. Insulation Resistance Test
Output Voltage

0.050 – 5.000kV,Step  0.001kV
Accuracy: ± (1% of set value + 0.1% of full scale)

Resistance Test Range

0.100MΩ- 99.99GΩ, Resolution:0.1MΩ

3.Turn-to-turn Insulation Test
Output Pulse Voltage

0.01kV – 6.000kV,0.01kV Step,± 5% set value ± 15V

Inductance Test Range


Pulse Energy

up to 0.36 Joule

Waveform Sampling
Sampling rate: 12bit, Sampling speed: 200MHz, adjustable 8-level,
Memory depth: 12k Byte, Sample average: 1 – 32
4. Inductance Test
Test Parameters


Measurement Accuracy


Test Frequency

100Hz,120Hz,1kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz

Test Signal Level
1.0Vrms,10% accuracy

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
STL5520 Magnetic Component EST Analyzer 5KV AC Withstand Voltage Analysis 6KV DC Withstand Voltage Analysis, 8 channels, Inductance test
STL5520A Magnetic Component EST Analyzer 5KV AC Withstand Voltage Analysis 6KV DC Withstand Voltage Analysis, 8 channels

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