STL4403 Series Ground Bond Tester

STL4403 grounding resistance tester is used to measure the internal grounding resistance of electrical equipment. It reflects the (contact) resistance between the exposed conductive parts of the electrical equipment and the total grounding terminal of the electrical equipment.

** Standard Lead Time: within 4 weeks **

Key Features

Constant current linear amplifier output

Front panel software calibration, high accuracy

No RS232, standard PLC interface

Keyboard lock function

STL4403 and STL3301 are connected to form a two-in-one withstand voltage grounding or three-in-one withstand voltage insulation grounding tester, convenient and flexible.



Output Current


Output Voltage


Ground Resistance Range

0-510mΩ 10A; 0-120mΩ 10A-30A ±(2%+2counts)

Testing Time


LCD Monitor

16×2 Line Backlit LCD Display

Calibration Method

Software Calibration

Memory Device
Can memorize Current, Resistance, Time and other settings
Size and Weight


Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
STL4403 Ground Bond Tester Output Current: 3-30A, Resistance: 0-510mΩ

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