STL0010 Series Parallel Hipot Tester(AC/DC)

STL0010 series is a multi-channel parallel scanning voltage withstand tester developed by Saluki with many years of experience in the development of electrical safety test instruments. A single machine can measure 8 channels at the same time and judge the test results according to the channels respectively, which is equivalent to eight STL3310 units working at the same time, which not only improves the test efficiency of the production line, but also saves the production line space. At the same time, the device can be extended to up to 8 x 16 channels by connecting the scanner to meet the actual needs of customers.

** Standard Lead Time: within 4 weeks **

Key Features

8-channel withstand voltage parallel output and test efficiency increased eight times

Parallel 8-channels and each channel is non-interfering

Each channel can be extended by a four-channel scanner

Support 4 four-channel scanner at most and one instrument can be extended to 128 channels

Four-channel scanner supports contact check function

Single output power: AC:5kV/10mA; DC:6kV/5mA

Insulation resistance test voltage: 0.10kV -1.00kV

Enhanced security: electric shock protection

Rapid discharge and arc detection function

Arbitrarily set voltage rising time and test time in 999.9 seconds; freely set waiting time for insulation resistance

Display the PASS/FAIL result of each channel independently and the total result simultaneously.




1. Withstanding Voltage Test
Output Voltage

AC: 0.10kV — 5.00kV       ±2%

DC: 0.10kV — 6.00kV       ±2%

Current Test Range

AC: 0mA — 10.00mA        ±(2% readings + 5 digits)

DC: 0uA — 5.00mA           ±(2% readings + 5 digits)

Rapid Discharge Function: Discharge after test ends(DCW)

2. Insulation Resistance Test
Output Voltage

0.10kV — 1.00kV       ±2%

Resistance Range
0.1MΩ — 10.0GΩ
Resistance Test Accuracy

0.10MΩ — 999MΩ ±10% reading+5digits

1.00GΩ — 10.0GΩ ±20% reading+5digits

3. Arc Detection
Test Range(Corresponding Current)

1mA — 20mA

4. General Specification
Voltage Rising Time

0.1s — 999.9s

Test time Setting (AC/DC)
0.2s — 999.9s
Voltage Fall Time

0.1s — 999.9s

Waiting Time (IR)
0.2s — 999.9s
Time Accuracy



Store 100 test files and each file can hold at most 20 testing steps


Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
STL0010 Hipot Tester AC/DC, including withstand voltage test cable and RS232 Connection Cable
STL0010A Hipot Tester AC/DC, including withstand voltage test cable and RS232 Connection Cable

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