STH6603 Series Cable/Harness Tester

STH6603 series cable/harness tester is multifunctional and automatic test system of wire comprehensive parameters, which is exclusively used in quality and connection reliability test for various kinds of cables, wiring harness and winding displacement.

Applications: Communication and IT / Automotive Electronics / Electronics Industry / Components / Safety test

** Standard Lead Time: within 4 weeks **

Key Features

Test Pin: 512pin, four-terminal test

Conductance, Transient open and short circuit, Hipot, IR, Component test

(Patent) High and low voltage separation technology, insulation impedance > 100GΩ

Built-in 10A independent DC current source for pressure dropping test

(Patent) 4 high-pressure test modes: a pair of other, dichotomy, automatic test, grounding test

Testing resistance, capacitance, diode and other components using four-terminal testing technology

Support multi-file testing, providing flexible solutions for complex wires

Handler supports up to 40 outputs

Communication command provides two instruction systems: SCPI



1. Test Signal Source

Frequency: 50Hz-100kHz, Accuracy 0.02%

Range: 0-1Vrms, Accuracy 10%


Voltage: 0-5V,Accuracy 10%±1 Digit

Current: 1-15mA,Accuracy 10%±1 Digit

Channel board open-off scan signal source


2. Capacitance Measurement

1uF-1000μF,Accuracy:10%±1 Digit

3. DCR

10mΩ-1MΩ, Accuracy: 2%±1 Digit

4. Cond./Interval cond


5. Open and Short Circuit

1kΩ-50kΩ, Accuracy: 10%±1 Digit

6. Diode Testing

0-10V, Accuracy: 10%±1 Digit

7. Test Speed

Momentary Short Circuit: 20ms(512 Dots)

Basic Test Speed: 100ms

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
STH6603-4 Cable/Harness Tester AC: 50Hz-100kHz DC: 0V-5V, 512 PINS, including Probe, Transfer Fixture, Test Cable.

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