STH6601/A Series Cable/Harness Tester

STH6601 series four-terminal wire tester is multifunctional and automatic test system of wire comprehensive parameters, which is exclusively used in quality and connection reliability test for various kinds of cables, wiring harness and winding displacement. This system provides programmable constant current & constant voltage source and high-voltage power supply. The test items include continuity, passive element (inductance, resistance, capacitance and diode), AC/DC withstand voltage, insulation resistance and sll kings of high and low voltage parameters. Adopting advanced LCR figure sampling and channel switching technique of high speed and long life, this system significantly improves the test precision, speed and working life. Also, this system adopts high and low voltage isolation technique, so the testing performance of the insulation resistance is greatly advanced.

Various interfaces of RS232, RS485, GPIB, USB, LAN and handler are convenient for users to apply to automatic detect and production line.

** Standard Lead Time: within 4 weeks **

Key Features

7” TFT LCD truecolor display screen, 16-bit ,800X480 resolution

Cotex_M3 processor core

Selectable Chinese and English operation interface

AC: test frequency of 50Hz-300kHz, accuracy of 0.02%

DC: test range of 0V-5V and accuracy of 10%

Maximum 128 pin for sweeping and testing

Insulation resistance of more than 10G

Selectable RS232, RS485, GPIB, USB,LAN and Handler interfaces

USB interface can be used for storage of setup files and test data as well as upgrade of the program




Test Pin

128 Pins

64 Pins

1. Test Signal Source
Sine Signal Source:50Hz-300kHz, Programmable Capacitance Component Test 1Vrms

Frequency: 0.02% 1Vrms

Voltage 10%

Programmable DC Signal Source: 5Vdc MAX


Programmable DC Current Source:1-20mA


Programmable DC High Voltage Source: 1mA Max

5V-100V: 10%±1 digit

100Vdc-1000Vdc: 5%±1 digit

2. Test Speed
Transient Open and Short Circuit (128 points) Sample Standard:10ms

Indicates the time of sweeping 64 NET O/S at a time

Basic Value of Test Speed:100ms

Indicates the measurement time of single passive component or the total measurement time of one cable

3. Capacitance Measurement
Range: 0.1pF-300pF(sample 10pFmin)

10%±3 digit

Range: 300pF-1000μF
5%±3 digit
4. Resistance Measurement
5%±1 digit
5. Insulation Resistance
5%±5 digit
10%±5 digit

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
STH6601 Cable/Harness Tester AC: 50Hz-300kHz DC: 0V-5V, 128 PINS, including Probe, Transfer Fixture, Test Cable.
STH6601A Cable/Harness Tester AC: 50Hz-300kHz DC: 0V-5V, 64 PINS, including Probe, Transfer Fixture, Test Cable.

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