STB8840X Series Automatic Transformer Test system

STB8840X series is a new generation Automatic Transformer Test system of low cost and high performance, The basic accuracy is 0.05%, and the wide frequency range: 20Hz to 2MHz, which means STB8840X series Automatic Transformer Test system has good test stability that can compare favorably with those high-end models.

** Standard Lead Time: within 4 weeks **

Key Features

The test speed is as high as 1800 times/s (>10kHz), without relay action time

Test level up to 20Vrms

The bias voltage is built-in ±40V/±100mA/2A

Up to 288 test pins (only STB8840NX)

Industry-friendly user experience: Linux bottom layer, built-in help file

10.1 inch 1280×800 capacitive touch screen

Graphical pin association setting page, so that wiring is no longer a problem

Lk setting does not need to input the leakage inductance pin, which is more intuitive

Enhanced balance scanning function, from 5 points to 10 points

Range switching adopts electronic switch, fast speed, long life, no noise

Optional LCR function

Approximately 100M setting file storage space in the machine, and massive U disk setting file storage capacity

Provide host computer to support early model file format conversion to ensure compatibility

Frequency Range

20Hz to 2MHz

Basic Accuracy


Test Cable Length



The absolute deviation from the nominal value Δ, the percentage deviation from the nominal value Δ%

Equivalent Way

Series, Parallel

Calibration Function


Average Times


Highest Accuracy

0.05% Please refer to the manuals for the details

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
STB8840AX Automatic Transformer Test system Frequency range: 20Hz to 500kHz.
STB8840BX Automatic Transformer Test system Frequency range: 20Hz to 2MHz.
STB8840NX Automatic Transformer Test system Frequency range: 20Hz to 500kHz.


Module No. Item Description
SBF0011BS Kelvin test lead with box four-terminal insulation and lock /
SBF0058A Connection Cable /
SBF0004B Test line at both ends /
SAH006B Manual transformer scan test fixture /
SAH001-0001 Foot switch /

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