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STB8836 Series Precision LCR Meter

STB8836 is a new generation impedance testing instrument successfully developed using the current internationally advanced automatic balancing bridge principle. It has a basic accuracy of 0.05%, a fastest testing speed of 5.6ms, and a frequency range of 4Hz-8.5MHz. The four-terminal pair port configuration can effectively eliminate the influence of electromagnetic coupling of test lines, extending the lower limit of low-impedance testing capabilities ten times lower than conventional five-terminal configuration instruments.
STB8836 supports high-power test conditions of 2V AC test signal and 10V DC bias, and enhanced multi-parameter list scanning/multi-parameter graphic analysis capabilities will help users expand their ability to comprehensively evaluate components.
STB8836 is a powerful tool for electronic component design, inspection, quality control and production testing. Its excellent performance and functions provide a powerful tool for the design and development of circuits and the research and development of materials (electronic materials and non-electronic materials)

** Standard Lead Time: within 4 weeks **

Key Features

High precision: using automatic balancing bridge technology, four-terminal pair test configuration

High speed: the fastest test speed is 5.6ms

High resolution: 7 inches, 800×480 resolution

10-point multi-parameter list sweep function

Mathematical operation function

Automatic polarity function of varactor diode

One-key screenshot function

One key recording function

10-level sorting function, sound and light alarm for sorting results

Large storage space: Built-in: 40 sets of setting files

Expansion: 500 sets of setting files, image files, and data recording files can be stored through USB memory

High compatibility: support SCPI commands, compatible with KEYSIGHTE4980A, E4980AL, HP4284A

Frequency Range


Basic Accuracy



7-inch TFT LCD Display 800×RGB×480

DC Bias

Voltage: 0V — ± 10V

Resolution: 100μV

Current: 0mA— ± 100mA

Resolution: 1μA


Test terminal configuration

Four-terminal pair

Cable Length

0m, 1m

Output Impedance


Typical Measurement Time (speed)

Fast: 5.6ms, Medium: 120ms, Slow: 230ms

Highest accuracy
1kHz: 0.05%
1MHz: 0.05%
2MHz: 0.1%
5MHz: 0.5%
8.5MHz: 1.0%

(Note: see more technical specifications in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Datasheet’)

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
STB8836 Precision LCR Meter Frequency range: 4Hz-8.5MHz , including Fixture, short circuit and Kelvin test lead with box four-terminal insulation and lock.


Module No. Item Description
SBF0048 Four-terminal test fixture DC-13MHz, maximum ±42V DC bias, applied to in-Line axial and radial impedance components
SBF0010 Short circuit /
SBF0011BS Kelvin test lead with box four-terminal insulation and lock /

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