STB6690 Series fA meter/pA meter/Electrometer/High Resistance Meter

STB6690 series flight ammeter/picoammeter/electrometer/high resistance meter provides industry leading measurement functions. With a minimum current resolution of 0.1fA (10-16A), the fee-ammeter/electrometer can meet the requirements of weak current measurement in most scenarios. The built-in 1,000 V voltage source supports measuring resistance up to 10 PΩ (1016Ω).

STB6690 series provides four models, users can flexibly choose appropriate instruments according to the actual testing requirements.

** Standard Lead Time: within 4 weeks **


Key Features

6½-digit measurement resolution

Four measurement modes: high resistance meter, voltmeter, ammeter, electrometer independent current and voltage measurement

Built-in voltage source: ±1000V, resolution: 700μV

Current range: 2pA-20mA, current resolution up to 1fA (10-15A), the internal resistance voltage drops in the lowest current range <20μV

The measurement resistance is as high as 1PΩ (1015Ω), and the charge measurement is as low as 2nC. The input impedance is >200TΩ

Support voltage measurement up to 20V, temperature and humidity measurement

Time domain view, capture transient signal effects and select specified measurement data to support data recording

With dedicated shielding test box

Measurement resolution

6½ Digit

Current measurement

1fA – 20mA/0.01pA – 20mA/0.1fA – 20mA/0.01pA – 20mA

Minimum range


Resistance measurement


Voltage measurement

1μV – 20V/1μV – 20V

Input resistance


Charge measurement

1fC – 2μC

Power source


Minimum resolution


Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
STB6690 fA meter/ Electrometer/ High Resistance Meter Current Range: 0.1fA-20mA; Resistance Range: 10PΩ; Voltage Range: 1uV-20V; Electric Charge Range: 1fC-2uC; Built in Voltage Source +/-1000V; Temperature measurement; Humidity measurement.
STB6690A pA meter/ Insulation Resistance Meter Current Range: 0.01pA-20mA; Resistance Range: 10TΩ; Voltage Range: 1uV-20V; Built in Voltage Source +/-1000V; Temperature measurement; Humidity measurement.
STB6691 fA meter Current Range: 0.1fA-20mA
STB6691A pA meter Current Range: 0.01pA-20mA


Module No. Item Description
SBF0058B Connect cables /
SBF0058E Φ4 lantern marker /

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