STA9951 Series Digit Multimeter

STA9951/STA9961 5 1/2, 6 1/2-digit multimeter can test voltage/current/resistance fast and accurately. Its outstanding performance, such as max.1,200,000 counts, high reading rate 1000 meas/sec as well as DC voltage accuracy of 0.0035% provides an ideal cost-effective option for customer.

The concise design of front panel of STA9951/STA9961 makes it easier to locate and select the measurement function. High brightness VFD display allows the user to view clearly. Its 12 different measurement functions, including DCV/ACV, DCI/ACI, Ω 2W/Ω 4W, Frequency/Period, Diode Test, Continuity, dB/dBm, cover all basic measurement needs.

Standard GPIB, USB(or RS-232) interface with universal communication software is used with STA9951/STA9961 for easy STA9951/STA9961 communication, data analysis and statistics as well as construction of an automatic measurement system.

** Standard Lead Time: within 4 weeks **

Key Features

5 1/2 digit display(119,999 counts); 6 1/2 digit display(119,999 counts)

12 different measurement capabilities: DCV/ACV, DCI/ACI,Ω2W/Ω4W,Frequency/Period, Diode Test, Continuity, dB/dBm

True-rms AC voltage and current measurement, bandwidth up to 100kHz(STA9951)/300kHz(STA9961)

DCV measurement accuracy up to 0.0035%, resolution up to 0.1uV

Max. measurement rate: 1000 meas/sec

Equal accuracy frequency measurement up to 1.1MHz

Relative mode(REL) to eliminate residual reading

2 W, 4W resistance measurement mode selectable

Built-in mX +b,%, dB, dBm etc. mathematics calculation function

512 readings storage and MAX/MIN/AVER/STD statistics

Up to 30,000 readings storage(without statistics)




Test Parameter


Mathematics Function

mX+b, %, dB, dBm, REL

Communication Interface

SCPI command support for GPIB(optional), RS232(optional) and USB(standard) interface

Trigger Mode


Programmable Time Delay

0 – 6000ms

(Note: see more technical specifications in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Datasheet’)

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
STA9951 Digit Multimeter 1,199,999 digits reading, Programmable Time Delay: 0 − 6000ms, including multimeter test cable
STA9961 Digit Multimeter 1,199,999 digits reading, Programmable Time Delay: 0 − 6000ms, including multimeter test cable


Module No. Item Description
SBF0039 Four Terminal Test Line /

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