STA9912/STA9912A Digital AC Millivoltmeter

STA9912 Dual channel digital AC millivolt meter. Mainly used in factories, research institutes, troops, scientific research laboratories. Measuring 5Hz-3MHz sinusoidal voltage, can also be used as a power meter. Voltage, level and power level (arbitrary impedance) measurement. Signal source frequency response direct reading error %, amplifier gain dB, attenuator attenuation dB, sound equipment and cable transmission level measurement. Voltage probe circuit board test is safe and convenient.

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Key Features

Frequency range: 5Hz-3MHz

Measuring voltage range: 50μV-300V, resolution: 0.1μV

Measurement display function: 4 1/2 digits VFD, dual display: the main display shows one reading, and the secondary display can call up other readings at will: Absolute value: mV, V, W, dBm, dBV, dBmV, dBμV, Vp-p; Relative value: dB, %, Max/Min

Software menu setting: measure power and dBm, set source load resistance arbitrarily: Measure dB,%, Max/Min reference value setting; Ground (GND), floating (Float) setting and safety warning

Standard RS232C interface, SCPI command programming support






Frequency Bandwidth



Measuring Voltage Range
Voltage Test Range



4 1/2 VFD, Double Digit Display

Input Resistance

1MΩ 30PF, could swtich to 10MΩ

Response Error of Measuring Voltage at Different Frequencies

5Hz-20Hz: ±(4% Reading Value + 0.5% Full scale)

20Hz-2MHz: ±(2% Reading Value + 0.5% Full scale)

2MHz-3MHz: ±(3% Reading Value + 0.5% Full scale)

3MHz-5MHz: ±(4% Reading Value + 0.5% Full scale)(Only STA9912A)


Standard RS232C, support SCPI

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
STA9912 Digital AC Millivoltmeter Frequency Bandwidth: 5Hz-3MHz, Basic Accuracy: Reading Value ±1%, including BNC 50Ω Test Cable and Probe.
STA9912A Digital AC Millivoltmeter Frequency Bandwidth: 5Hz-5MHz, Basic Accuracy: Reading Value ±1%, including BNC 50Ω Test Cable and Probe.

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