SSA40P0218Z Coaxial Switch

SSA40P0218Z is a high-performance absorptive coaxial SP4T switch, covering frequency from 0.02GHz to 18GHz, that can help keep the system with low passive intermodulation (PIM) level. Saluki’ s coaxial switches have the characteristics of high isolation, low insertion loss, good consistency, long life, and high reliability, which can accept customer customization.


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Key Features

Ultra wide band operation 0.02GHz - 18GHz

TTL compatible driver included

Fast switching speed

Low insertion loss and high isolation

Customization available upon request

Frequency Range

0.02 GHz to 18 GHz

Insertion Loss

Maximum 4.5 dB


60 dB



RF Input Power

Maximum 30 dBm (1W)

DC Power Dissipation

0.8 W

Switching Speed

Maximum 250 ns


Absorptive switch

Bias Current

Maximum 160/50 mA (+5V/-5V)


SMA (female)


Gold plated



(Note: see more detail information in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Datasheet’)

Main Module

Module No. Item Description
SSA40P0218Z Coaxial Switch SP4T 0.02-18GHz PIN diode switch

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