SPA184044Z Wide Band Solid State Power Amplifier

SPA184044Z is a wide band solid state power amplifier which small signal gain: 50dB Typical, psat: 44dBm Typical, and supply voltage: +28 VDC.

Key Features

Wide Band Solid State Power Amplifier

Small Signal Gain: 50dB Typical

Psat: 44dBm Typical

Supply Voltage: +28 VDC

  • Gain@+25℃

  • Input VSWR@+25℃

  • Isolation@+25℃

  • Gain@-40℃

  • Input VSWR@-40℃

  • Isolation@-40℃

  • Gain@+70℃

  • Input VSWR@+70℃

  • Isolation@+70℃

Frequency Range

18 to 40 GHz

Small Signal Gain

50 dB

Gain Flatness

±6.0 dB

Gain Variation Over Temperature (-40⁰C to +70⁰C)

±3.0 dB

Input Return Loss

10 dB

Output 1dB Compression Point (P1dB)

42 dBm

Saturated Output Power (Psat)

44 dBm

Supply Current (Vcc=+28V)

10 A


Net: 166Max. ounces

Including Heat sink: 272 Max. ounces

Input / Output Connectors

2.92mm-Female/ WRD180C24




Nickel Plated

Operational Temperature

-40ºC~+70ºC(Case Temperature)

Storage Temperature



30,000 ft. (Epoxy Sealed Controlled environment)

60,000 ft. 1.0psi min (Hermetically Sealed Un-controlled environment) (Optional)


25g RMS (15 degrees 2KHz) endurance, 1 hour per axis


100% RH at 35ºc, 95%RH at 40ºc


20G for 11msec half sine wave,3 axis both directions

Main Module

Module No. Item Description
SPA184044Z Wide Band Solid State Power Amplifier Frequency range: 18 to 40GHz; Small Signal Gain(typ.): 50 dB; Input / Output Connectors: 2.92mm-Female/ WRD180C24

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