SMR Series Monitoring Receiver Module

SMR series monitoring receiver module has excellent performance and compact size. The monitoring frequency covers 9kHz~8GHz/18GHz, the real-time bandwidth is up to 40MHz digital intermediate frequency, and the frequency scanning speed is up to 80GHz/second; the standard ITU measurement mode can It is widely used in radio monitoring to meet the testing needs of radio monitoring stations. The receiver comes with a PC host computer that can be used independently, or you can use the complete SDK development package for secondary development. The receiver itself has powerful signal analysis and processing capabilities, and the PC host computer can directly obtain the measurement results, and users can flexibly conduct secondary development according to needs. In distributed RF sensor applications, multiple receiver modules can be connected remotely over a standard TCP/IP network.

Key Features

Frequency range: 9kHz~8GHz/18GHz

Adjustable digital IF bandwidth, maximum 40MHz panoramic IF display

Panoramic scan speeds up to 80GHz/s for quick setup and discovery

Equipped with panoramic scan, frequency band scan, list scan and fixed frequency point monitoring functions

Equipped with AM/FM/LSB/USB/CW and other audio demodulation modes

Supports multi-target audio demodulation and field strength measurement, and provides an analog audio streaming interface

Equipped with AM/FM modulation analysis capabilities to meet standard ITU measurement requirements

Signal storage and playback facilitates monitoring, processing and positioning of transient signals

I/Q data flow recording, storage bandwidth up to 40MHz, real-time storage depth up to 4Gb,I/Q sample rate:51.2M@IFBW=40MHz

Supports GPS/BD time synchronization function, data timestamp accuracy is better than 40ns

With complete SDK development kit and API documentation, users can flexibly conduct secondary development according to their needs

LAN interface for remote control and data output

Low power consumption, light weight and compact size, suitable for system integration and installation




RF data
Frequency Range



Input Resistance



≤ 2.0:1(Typ.,RF 10dB attenuation)

≤ 2.5:1

Channel Gain Control

RF Attenuator: Max. 30dB

IF Amplifier: Max. 30dB

Amplitude Accuracy


Noise Figure

low Noise Mode:



Third Order Intercept (TOI)

Input In-band:


10dBm(Low Distortion)

Second Order Intercept (SOI)


40dBm(Low Distortion)

Phase Noise (fc = 1.0GHz)



Image Rejection


9kHz~3.6GHz 90dB(Typ.)

3.6GHz~8GHz 80dB(Typ.)



IF Suppression


9kHz~3.6GHz 90dB

3.6GHz~8GHz 80dB



Inherent Residual Response

-110dBm(> -110dBm, ≤ 5 points)

-95dBm(> -95dBm, ≤ 5 points)

IF data
Spectrum Display Range


Display Mode

Regular, Average and Max Hold

IF Demodulation Bandwidth (20 gears)


Audio Demodulation


Demodulation Analysis


Signal Processing
Scan Rate (100kHz RBW)


Fast Fourier Transform

IF Spectrum: 2048 points (Blackman window)

Type of Data

I/Q data (14bit accuracy): Bandwidth up to 40MHz

Spectrum Data: IF spectrum and swept spectrum

Field Strength Level: Channel bandwidth as small as 1.5kHz

Data Storage Depth

512MB storage space

Scan Mode
Panoramic Scan

Start/Stop Frequency: User selectable

Scan Step: 125/250/500/625Hz/1.25/2.5/3.125/6.25/12.5/25/50/100/200/400kHz

Step Points: ≤ 1,500,000 points

Band Scan

Start/Stop Frequency: User selectable

User Setting Parameters: Scan step, dwell time, audio demodulation

Step Points: ≤ 4,000 points

Storage Scan

Storage Location: No more than 1024 channels, users can edit channel frequency, dwell time, IF bandwidth, audio demodulation mode, etc.

Measurement Accuracy and Display Mode
Frequency Resolution

3Hz; 12Hz

Frequency Accuracy

Within Operating Temperature: ±0.5ppm; ±0.2ppm

Aging Rate: ±1ppm/ year; ±0.5ppm/ year

Display Error


Antenna Input

SMA, 50Ω

Maximum Measurement Level


Reference Input

10 MHz: SMA,50Ω

Input Level: 0dBm~+10dBm

IF Output (analog)

145MHz, SMA,50Ω

I/Q Output


Audio Output (analog)

300Hz to 12.5kHz

Data and Control Interface

Remote control and data transmission: Ethernet10/100BaseT

Working Temperature

Typical range: 0ºC to +50ºC

Allowable Temperature

Maximum range: -10ºC to +50ºC(No condensation)


DC: 9V~13V

Current: About 1.6A(+12V); About 1.8A(+12V)

Core Module Size


Standard Housing Size


Weight (excluding housing)

SMR008: About 900g

SMR018: About 1000g

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
SMR008 Monitoring Receiver Module Frequency range: 9kHz~8GHz.
SMR018 Monitoring Receiver Module Frequency range: 9kHz~18GHz.


Module No. Item
/ CD (user manual, programming manual, host computer software (basic software package))
/ LAN cable (standard Ethernet cable)


Module No. Item
SMR-GPS GPS/BD timing module
OA750 Compact omnidirectional antenna (0.3~7.5GHz)
DA800 Handheld directional antenna (0.6~8GHz)
SMR-WK Module standard housing

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