SLNA0P01183Z Low Noise Amplifier

SLNA0P01183Z is a wideband low noise RF coaxial amplifier covering frequency from 0.01GHz to 18GHz. The amplifier offers 31dB typical high gain, 2.5dB typical noise figure and +26dBm typical output power of P1dB.

Saluki’s RF amplifier brings compact and reliable gain block performance to MW&RF designers, wireless infrastructure and systems integrators.


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Key Features

Ultra wide band operation 0.01GHz - 18GHz

Gain: 31dB typical

Noise figure: 2.5dB typical

P1dB output power: +26dBm typical

Supply voltage: +12V @ 320mA

50 ohm matched input / output

Frequency Range

0.01 GHz to 18 GHz


31 dB (typ.)

Gain Flatness

± 2.0 dB

Noise Figure

2.5 dB (typ.)

Input VSWR


Output VSWR


Output 1dB Compression Point (P1dB)

26 dBm (typ.)

Saturated Output Power (Psat)

27 dBm (typ.)

Output Third Order Intercept (OIP3)

35 dBm (typ.)

Supply Current

+12V @ 320mA (typ.)

Isolation S12

-65 dB


SMA (female)


Gold plated




30 (L) × 40 (W) × 12 (H) mm


Maximum 3.5 ounces (with heat sink)

(Note: see more detail information in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Datasheet’)

Main Module

Module No. Item Description
SLNA0P01183Z Low Noise Amplifier 0.01 to 18GHz, Gain 31dB, SMA (female)

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