SLA-P Series Power Amplifier

The SLA-P series is the ideal single-channel power amplifier for amplifying AC/DC signals. It can drive piezoelectric brake products such as PZT, stacked type PZT, open-loop packaged PZT and nano-positioning table. One key to save the settings, providing a convenient and concise choice of operations. It can be used with the mainstream signal generators to realize lossless signal amplification.

Key Features

Output power 1300Wp

Output power current 10Ap

Maximum output voltage -20V~150V


  • Ultrasonic Acoustics

    · Wide range, completely covering the ultrasonic frequency range.

    · The amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency characteristics are good, and various signal simulations are provided for ultrasonic experiments.

    · A variety of voltage and power options, widely support a variety of ultrasound equipment.

    · Multi-channel can be customized, which is convenient for users to build various test environments and complete complex experiments.

    · The output impedance matching is adjustable, which is convenient for matching with various ultrasonic probes.

    · Input impedance matching can be adjusted, supporting arbitrary waveform generators of mainstream domestic and foreign brands.

  • Piezo Stack Drive

    · Ultra-high power output, driving various piezoelectric stack models;

    · Optional oscilloscope module, which directly displays the output waveform, output voltage and current on the device screen, and the vertical resolution of the module can reach 14 bits;

    · The device has flat and wide frequency characteristics and high output stability;

    · For more channel requirements, you can choose the master-slave mode, and one master controls multiple slaves;

    · The equipment has its own monitoring port, which can monitor the output voltage and current of the power amplifier in real time and safely;

    · The gain is adjustable by numerical control, and one-key saves frequently used settings, providing convenient and concise operation options.







Form of output

Single output



Maximum output voltage

-20V to 150V

Maximum output power


Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
SLA-P-375 Power Amplifier Bandwidth: DC~1kHz; Maximum output voltage: 0V~150V ; Maximum output current: 1.25Ap.
SLA-P-750 Power Amplifier Bandwidth: DC~10kHz; Maximum output voltage: 0V~150V ; Maximum output current: 2.5Ap.
SLA-P-1300 Power Amplifier Bandwidth: DC~20kHz; Maximum output voltage: -20V~130V ; Maximum output current: 5Ap.

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