SLA-L-1300 Power Amplifier

The SLA-L-1300 is an ideal power amplifier for amplifying AC and DC signals. Maximum output 1300VA power, can drive power type load. The gain control can be adjusted, and the common Settings can be saved with one key, providing you with a convenient and simple choice of operation. It can be used with the mainstream signal generator to achieve perfect signal amplification.

Key Features

Maximum output voltage: 1200Vrms

Maximum output power: 1300VA

Bandwidth (-3dB): 200Hz to 120kHz

Over current protection

  • Ultrasonic Acoustics

    · Wide range, completely covering the ultrasonic frequency range.

    · The amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency characteristics are good, and various signal simulations are provided for ultrasonic experiments.

    · A variety of voltage and power options, widely support a variety of ultrasound equipment.

    · Multi-channel can be customized, which is convenient for users to build various test environments and complete complex experiments.

    · The output impedance matching is adjustable, which is convenient for matching with various ultrasonic probes.

    · Input impedance matching can be adjusted, supporting arbitrary waveform generators of mainstream domestic and foreign brands.

  • Underwater Communication

    · Drive and match various sonar systems;

    · High power output, extremely high amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency characteristics;

    · Impedance matching design can be carried out according to customer needs to ensure output characteristics;

    · The gain can be adjusted by numerical control to ensure various simulations of underwater acoustic experiments;

    · Broadband amplification to ensure the integrity of the signal transmitted by underwater acoustic communication;

    · Stable work for a long time, perfect protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection.




200Hz to 120kHz

Maximum output voltage


Maximum output power


Input voltage at full amplitude output


Input resistance


Voltage monitor


Current monitor


Output connector

4mm banana socket


Overcurrent protection

Signal ground

Connected with the grounding of the shell and the power line.

Supply voltage

AC110~240V, 50/60Hz

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
SLA-L-1300 Power Amplifier Bandwidth: 200Hz~120kHz; Maximum output voltage: 1200Vrms; Maximum output power: 1300VA

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