SLA-HVP-225 High Voltage Power Amplifier

SLA-HVP-225 is an ideal single-channel high-voltage power amplifier for amplifying AC and DC signals. Maximum output voltage of 160 vp-p (±80Vp), power of 225.6Wp, can drive high voltage power type load. Voltage gain CNC adjustable, one key to save the common Settings, provides you with a convenient and simple choice of operation, can be used with the mainstream signal generator, to achieve perfect signal amplification.

Key Features

Maximum output voltage: 160Vp-p(±80Vp)

The maximum output current is 2.82Ap

Bandwidth (-3dB) : DC to 1.2MHz

Slew rate: ≥426V/μs

Dc bias voltage: ±75V

Supply voltage: AC110V~240V, 50/60Hz

  • Ultrasonic Acoustics

    · Wide range, completely covering the ultrasonic frequency range.

    · The amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency characteristics are good, and various signal simulations are provided for ultrasonic experiments.

    · A variety of voltage and power options, widely support a variety of ultrasound equipment.

    · Multi-channel can be customized, which is convenient for users to build various test environments and complete complex experiments.

    · The output impedance matching is adjustable, which is convenient for matching with various ultrasonic probes.

    · Input impedance matching can be adjusted, supporting arbitrary waveform generators of mainstream domestic and foreign brands.

  • Small Signal Amplification

    · The maximum gain is 60dB, which can amplify the tiny signal and then monitor it, so as to observe the voltage signal more clearly and effectively;

    · Independent linear power supply to reduce noise interference;

    · Supporting use of university-related experiments to enrich the experimental content;

    · The maximum operating frequency point can reach 100MHz, which meets the test requirements at high frequencies;

    · The maximum output voltage can reach 2Vpp to meet the monitoring needs;

    · Equipment parameters can be customized to meet individual customization needs.

  • Piezo Drive and Control

    · Wide voltage range, high bandwidth to drive various piezoelectric devices;

    · A variety of power options, and can be customized supporting performance;

    · Multi-channel combination, can carry out different test options;

    · Precise numerical control gain, and excellent amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency characteristics;

    · The equipment has its own monitoring port, which can monitor the output voltage and current of the power amplifier in real time and safely;

    · The patented design of impedance matching ensures the signal integrity of driving capacitive loads.

  • Piezo Stack Drive

    · Ultra-high power output, driving various piezoelectric stack models;

    · Optional oscilloscope module, which directly displays the output waveform, output voltage and current on the device screen, and the vertical resolution of the module can reach 14 bits;

    · The device has flat and wide frequency characteristics and high output stability;

    · For more channel requirements, you can choose the master-slave mode, and one master controls multiple slaves;

    · The equipment has its own monitoring port, which can monitor the output voltage and current of the power amplifier in real time and safely;

    · The gain is adjustable by numerical control, and one-key saves frequently used settings, providing convenient and concise operation options.

  • Electromagnetic Field Drive

    · The supporting signal source realizes the amplification of the signal and realizes the improvement of the carrying capacity;

    · Output impedance can be customized according to customer needs to ensure output characteristics;

    · High power output, excellent amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency characteristics;

    · The gain can be adjusted by numerical control, and the frequently used settings can be saved with one key, providing convenient and simple operation options;

    · Compatible with major brands of function signal sources and arbitrary waveform signal generators;

    · It is used in conjunction with university-related experiments to enrich the experimental content.



Form of output

Single output


DC to 1.2MHz

Maximum output voltage


Maximum output current


2.82Ap, 2Arms(>50Hz)

Maximum output power




Upper limit of load RL



Output impedance


Slew rate


Input resistance


Supply voltage

AC110~240V, 50/60Hz

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
SLA-HVP-225 High Voltage Power Amplifier Bandwidth: DC~1.2MHz; Maximum output voltage: 160Vp-p(±80Vp); Maximum output current: 2.82Ap; Slew rate: ≥426V/μs.

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