SKM Series Basics Manual Probe Station

SKM Basics type based on the university education and laboratory test wafer prober, this equipment is mainly applied in the semiconductor industry, as well as test of the photoelectric industry, including research and development of precision electrical measurement of complex high-speed device, the chip and LD/LED/PD tests, PCB/packaging device testing, rf testing 50 microns electrode/PAD test materials/components/CV IV characteristic test, etc.

Application: For IC/LD/LED/PD test, PCB / Packaged device test, RF Test etc.


Key Features

Compact design

Light weight

Affordable price

Popular in University and Research laboratory

Up to 6 inch wafer test

procision lead screw drive structure, linear movement

Driver Screws: Zero back lash

Available for 50um electrode / PAD probe

LD/LED/PD Light intensity / wavelength testing

IV/CV Characteristic testing of materials / devices





Electricity Demand

220VC, 50~60Hz

Weight (about)

SKM4: 30kg

SKM6: 45kg

SKM6mini: 35kg

1. Chuck
Size & Rotation Angle

SKM4: 4″, 360° Rotation

SKM6: 6″, 360° Rotation

SKM6mini: 6″, 360° Rotation

X-Y Moving Range

SKM4: 4″ * 4″

SKM6: 6″ * 6″

SKM6mini: 4″ * 4″

Moving Resolution


Sample Fixed Mode

Vacuum adsorption

Electrical Design

Electrical Floating with Banana plug adapter, can be used as a backside electrode

2. Platen (U Shape)

SKM4/SKM6mini: 6 mcropositioners available

SKM6: 8 micropositioners available

3. Microscope
Moving Range

360° Rotation, Z : 50.8 mm


16~100X  (200X as a option)

CCD Pixel

50W (Analog) / 200W (Digital) / 500W (Digital)

4. Micropositioner
X-Y-Z Moving Range


Mechanical resolution

10μm / 2μm / 0.7μm

Current Leakage Accuracy

Coaxial 1pA/V @25°C; Triaxial 100fA/V @25°C; Triaxial 10pA@3kv @25°C,
Test conditions: dry environment with ground shielding (air dew point below -40°C)

Cable Connectors

Banana head / Crocodile clip /  Coaxial / Triaxial


SKM4: 400mm*400mm*550mm (L*W*H)

SKM6: 680mm*530mm*550mm (L*W*H)

SKM6mini: 400mm*400mm*550mm (L*W*H)

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
SKM4 Basics Manual Probe Station Electricity Demand: 220VC, 50~60Hz; Weight (about): 30kg; Dimension: 400mm*400mm*550mm (L*W*H).
SKM6 Basics Manual Probe Station Electricity Demand: 220VC, 50~60Hz; Weight (about): 45kg; Dimension: 680mm*530mm*550mm (L*W*H).
SKM6mini Basics Manual Probe Station Electricity Demand: 220VC, 50~60Hz; Weight (about): 35kg; Dimension: 400mm*400mm*550mm (L*W*H).

Optional Accessories

Module No. Item
SKM01 Hot chuck
SKM02 Shielding box
SKM03 Special Adapter
SKM04 Vibration Free Table
SKM05 Gold-plated chuck
SKM06 Coaxial / Triaxial chuck
SKM07 Chuck quick Up/Down and fine
SKM08 Adjustment option
SKM09 Chuck rotation fine adjustment
SKM10 Light intensity / wavelength testing
SKM11 RF Testing accessoriess
SKM12 Active probe
SKM13 Low current / Capacitance test
SKM14 Intergration of intergral sphere
SKM15 Fixture for Fiber optic coupler test
SKM16 Fixture of PCB / IC test

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